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Sav's new book


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If the book is going to be Savage trying to look innocent and pointing the finger at the rest of the football world the book will be crap. If he holds up his hands and say look I'm a WUM and you know what I had some great laughs along the way winding up the Forest fans blah blah then it will be worth a read.

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Yes I bet he will get someone to write it for him.

Billy Davies has written his own book and in his own words. Heres an extract.

Billy Davies first kicked a ball when he was 6 months old, Billy thought he was good if not better than the other 6 month old infants,

"Billy!" shouted Billy Davies mum,

"time for bot bot!" Billy Davies crawled over to Billy Davies's Mother and weighed up which little football to latch onto.

Billy Davies asked, or rather told his Mother that he wanted a long contract with her as he could bring untold happyness to her if she did as she was told.

Sounds like a good read.

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oh come on... its genius... just think how hard it makes the media's job...

Now they have to be very careful how they edit him and how they introduce the quote to make sure they don't print/broadcast "Billy Davies said 'Billy Davies Says'"

Anything to mess with the media's mind is funny in my books, most journalists i've met have been stuck up, self important tits

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