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What's the most you've ever paid for a drink?


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Originally posted by Kris Marina;35980

The worst thing is, I was chatting a bird up, so had t get it. Pride wouldn't let me do otherwise. That and a hard-on

Unlucky. Exactly how the robbing ******** make their money though. They know there'll be hundreds of horny guys around willing to pay and arm and a leg for ONE bird's glass of coca cola.

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just googled that stuff and this is what came up -

At a staggering 90% ABV, this remarkable quadruple-distilled spirit should NEVER be consumed neat and only one 25ml meausure should be consumed in any 24-hr period. Useful as a float for cocktails. SILVER MEDAL (Best in Class) winner, 2006 International Wine and Spirit Competition.

oops we were doing shots of it haha

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Expensive!.....pah try this

At a theatre in London - half time drinks, double bacardi and coke for wife, pint of guiness for me - £17.:mad:

Another one around 15 years ago clubbing in London order two cokes which got poured from a 1 1/2 litre bottle into plastic glasses of about 250ml capacity. I got charged £2 - not too bad i hear you say - well the coke bottle had 79p :eek: flashed across the labelling - talk about rubbing your face in it.

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