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Last Night at the Shitty Ground


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At the shitty ground apparently Cardiff 6 - 1 Derby was flashed up on the scoreboard, hilarious how cocky they can be after spending £6m to be just 6 points from relegation zone, my calculator works that out at £1m a point.

I'm glad Derby don't get involved in these childish stunts, I mean it would of got a tad boring flashing up some of there results, Forest 2 - 4 Watford.

Or in previous seasons

Wolves 5 - 1 Forest

Forest 2 - 4 Doncaster

Burnley 5 - 0 Forest

Thinking about it we could of had a field day what with Forest 1 - 8 Man United.

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Originally posted by Daveyboy;35532

I'm sure they will end up with egg on there faces some point this season, one thing I've learnt from being a professional Forest WUM is don't go to far as it can usually backfire on you.

You used to be a professional Forest WUM?

Backfire on you - ooh errr missus.

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