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are the owners good for the club?


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after last nights disgracefull result at cardiff the board must know see that we are not good enough to compete at this level in the ccc.

one win in the last 5 games tells anybody who knows jack s*ite about the game that we are relegation fodder at best with the squad we have.

the board must start to realise that if nigel does not get sufficent funds to get quality (i repeat quality) players in then next season wont be as profitable for them .

how many of you now are starting to wonder about nigels signings?

people say give him time, were over a fifth of the way into the season and already the season seems mapped out.

im not a great lover of nigel to be honest at the moment ,what with his non league signings etc,and although at the time it seamed great that we had something to rub into the red dogs faces,im now starting to turn the other way,

how long will nigel get if we get relegated?

do you think the board should have a good hard look at themselves and nigel too.

i know some of you are going to reply that he needs time ,and im being a doom and gloom merchant , but i say things as i see them .

ps kris conman is a useless piece of skin that is doing more harm to the side by unsettling it with his constant abscence than doing good in 1 game out of 10.

thats trigs rant over ,i now await the barrage of abuse back lol

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I wasn't jumping for joy when Clough was rumoured to be the next manager although since his appointment I will support him 100% and give him the time to do the job. We went into last nights game against a promotion favourite let's not forget with 9 first team players out, Porter, Commons, Davies, Barnes, Connolly, Green, Addison, Buxton, Pearson and to top it off Leacock went off with a hamstring injury. No club in the Championship can prepare for 9 first teamers out injured, we need to get the players all back fully fit then assess the squad and signings in a full strength team. I still fully believe this squad on paper is more than capable of a mid table finish. Of course I would of loved to have the big money signings that other clubs make although with this clubs track record the cheaper players end up being the better players.

There was a interesting thread on the DET the other day, who was the best Derby signing over £2m:

Claude Davis

Rob Earnshaw

Kenny Miller

Fracois Grenet

Craig Burley

Lee Morris

Esteban Fuertes

Branko Strupar

Georgi Kinkladze

Craig Short

As you can see this clubs track record with expensive signings is dire so be careful what you wish for.

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