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phone upgrade.


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ive just been told by my service provider that i can in 4 weeks upgrade to any of the latest phones , free of charge !

all i want a phone for is to recieve/make calls and texts really,

do you think i should go for a really expensive phone , then keep my old one and sell the new one?

seems a bit dishonest really, but then again i am in aus.

some come on then you phone junkies what should i get from them?


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no i use it for my business, so im always on the bloody thing,

any suggestions?

they have told me i can upgrade to whatever i want,

i have the nokia navigator at the moment , suppose its ok for what i want it for really, but if they are going to give me any , what would you go fro?

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Originally posted by trigger;35088

sweet jesus,

for once im trying to be normal here sheepy,

go and get your shock therapy will you lol:D

i would, but my last session they turned it up full and blew the transformer. (btw have you ever seen optimus primes cum face? not a pretty sight i can tell you!!!)

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