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can we have an away end?


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We did have one although we didn't think it was working, fans such as the Everton fans that have joined to see how Vaughan is doing wouldn't be able to post in the thread and we would end up with duplicate threads. If you wish to ignore certain people there is a ignore user option in your control panel, or if you believe a member to be a WUM contact myself, Boycie or one of the moderators by PM.


Enter the username and click okay and you won't see any posts from that user.

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Originally posted by trigger;34761

can we have an away end like they have on other sites?

this allows away fans the chance to post ONLY in the away end , that way if we dont want to read thier posts we steer clear of the away end?

thanks trigger.

Away fans are like marmite on football club forums. That's why there's an ignore function.

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