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Originally posted by derbydan;32914

bloody hell gutted thats about how much it usually costs me each home game with travel booze ect lol never been under £60 but the things we do for the love of our club eh

Yep all the money I paid to see us lose 4-1 to Manure.

And £70 for travelling, accommodation, ticket etc to watch us lose 2-1 to Doncaster Rovers as they totally outplayed us.

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Originally posted by vicky-27;32967

If you add up over a season how much you spend - esp if you go to away games as well - or long trips to home games it's quite scarey :eek:

It runs into the thousands if you go to every away game. Some people who watch Prem teams home and away end up spending up to £10,000 a year on football.

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