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Inverurie Ram

Derby County Flags

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1 hour ago, Bazza2609 said:

Any advice on where to get a good flag made. Website or place?

Derbyshire Day and Football Clubs Flags Background.




Try these Websites for Quotes of Flags.




Or you could make your own.



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11 hours ago, Inverurie Ram said:

@OUTSIDER I've been watching tonight's game against Croatia and I've tried and failed to spot you so far.

Welsh Football Flags@WelshFootyFlags Twitter.

Here's some others I've spotted on the web from other games.





could not make the Croatia home 


top one Denmark away at Aarhus next one was Croatia away at Osijek

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1 hour ago, Van De Squid said:

Clever Isn’t it? Basically trying to burn the national flag. Rumour has it, they’re still there now trying to set fire to it! 

Fire resistant.. Mugs.

Gripes me, as that is a classic Derby flag, bit iconic now. Also, when away with England, this poo just ain't done. Rivalries yes and Derby and Forest seem to get into more hassle than most which is a shame. If I saw Derby doing the same, to a Forest flag, it would have to be stopped. 


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10 hours ago, Ellafella said:

Spanish Rams will be at Charlton on Saturday. Say Hola to them. 

If anybody meets them try to get them on here.  Nice to have additions to the existing spanish contingent.  Nice to know where they're based but I don't tweet.  Looks like seville given the NoDo.  FYI @richinspain

Edited by Spanish

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30 minutes ago, richinspain said:

He mentions Sevilla in a few tweets.

going there for 2 days next week, Cape Trafalgar tomorrow, anniversary of the battle 21/10.  When the weather is good try to go sit on the beach with a bottle of Cava and watch the sun go down

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