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Rate the last film you saw partie deux

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1 hour ago, sage said:

10/10 very entertaining

Really liked it too. Not really a huge fan of Ben Stiller so was kind of reluctant to watch it at first, but credit where it's due it's, he's excellent in the role. One of those movies you don't really want to end. 

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3 hours ago, AndyinLiverpool said:

Some men are threatened by women who think for themselves. 

incredibly that does still seem to be true.

Amazes me how many people i know quite well that still think a mans job is to earn money and a womans job to housekeep, especially some in the older generation.

I had a discussion with my barber a week or so ago, we were talking about football commentary and pundits, and I mentioned i happened to think Alex Scott is good, it was like a red rag to a bull, absolutely not, in his opinion, should women be allowed anywhere near football...its just not right!!

Needless to say the conversation quickly changed from football pundits.

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