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Ovis aries

Rate the last film you saw partie deux

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Man up. 

Romcom. Passed the time well enough & enough chuckles in it but about 10 mins from the end, Mrs Wolfie realised we’d seen it before. 

I couldn’t remember it at all but she’s probably right (usually is), so clearly not a memorable one. 



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On 26/08/2019 at 19:51, JoetheRam said:

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Georgie Kinkldaze/10.

Meandering, meaningless, unnecessary, self-indulgent, bloated... yet sprinkled with some kind of ineffable magic dust which made it a wonderful thing to watch.

What did it all mean? Who knows, maybe that will only become apparent later on... like the French Revolution.


Went to see this last night. Its funny how people's opinions differ. 

Biggest load of rubbish Ive ever seen. 

I guess its full of nostalgia for Americans, but wow, what a waste of 3 hours for me that was. (apart from the scenes Margot Robbie appeared in) 

0/10 Bob Malcolm

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Holmes and Watson

This is supposedly a comedy starring Will Ferrell. It's about as funny as that time you notice blood in your poo for the first time. Absolutely turgid film and should only be watched to establish a spectrum, of which this is the lower end of the ratings.

I'm being generous and giving it marks cos it has a British cast, including Kelly MacDonald, who I fell in love with watching Boardwalk Empire.

I laugh at the most basic things, I'm not a comedy snob, but I genuinely cannot remember even sniggering once during this film.

2/10 (Andrei Pereplotkins)

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The Dead Don't Die = Ravanelli/10 

Expected a lot, delivered the odd moments of brilliance but ultimately disappointed, with some weird shenanigans near the end. 

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