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Rate the last film you saw partie deux

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First of the post-Hunger Games teen thriller franchise based in a future Chicago, where each of the population is segregated into one of 5 "factions", based on their personality traits. This then governs who you mix & live with as well as your job and role in society. One girl doesn't fit into any faction (she is "Divergent"), which causes her no end of kerfuffle and palava.

Enjoyable as long as you can swallow the premise that such a contrived division of the people could ever exist in the first place. The second one is out in the cinema at the moment (Insurgent) and I'll probably watch that one when it's out on Prime, so this one couldn't have been that bad that I still want to see what happens next.


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Really enjoyed it and loved the the shock that he had lost 25 years of his families life in minutes.

Random ending though. It doesn't really make sense.... but then again it's meant to be a science fiction film so I don't think you can take the realms of possibility too seriously. 



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Gravity ?/10 - Still can't decide if I enjoyed it or not, was a bit cheesy, was quite a few "reaallllly nah" moments but I did watch it all and didn't think what the hell have I just watched at the end. Won an Oscar as well didn't it?

Jack Reacher 8/10 - Really enjoyed this, put it on twitter that I was about to watch it, 3 replies one saying great film and 2 saying Tom Cruise had miscast himself. I guess it may have helped not reading the books before as I had nothing to go on going in, apparently he's a 6ft 5" beast of a man in the books which Tom Cruise clearly isn't. Was only £3 on DVD, well worth it. Tempted to read the books now. 

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