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Rate the last film you saw partie deux

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The Raid 2 - A pretty decent follow up to the first one.  The film kicks off in the immediate aftermath of the first and the general plot involves infilitrating criminal gangs to root out corrupt coppers.  While the first film takes place inside one building over one day, this film takes place throughout the city and over a period of about 3 years.  It takes a little longer to really get going and find its groove compared to the first but the fight scenes are just as exciting and it builds to an excellent ending.  If you were a fan of the first this will definitely please as well!! 8/10

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The Inbetweeners 2

Just about what you'd expect really from the series and first film. More toilet & nob gags, this time set in Australia & largely a****st the middle class "gap year travelling" community. More hit than miss & a few genuine laugh out loud moments for me, so despite it being totally brainless and very stupid, it was good fun.


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Gone Girl - 7.5/10. Great plot, but the rest of the film was quite average. Rosamund Pike grew on me over the course of the film. Ending left unresolved but I quite like that in a film. Gratuitously violent and a lot of unnecessary nudity (Emily Ratajkowski :wub:) though.

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