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UK file sharers to be cut off...


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Was reading this earlier -


What a joke. All this is going to do is catch average joe out from donloading an odd album or 2. Not going to get to the problem at all. All im going to end up doing is masking my IP, go through a proxy and encrypt my connection. The computer literate people who do most the piracy will not get caught.

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Originally posted by ToonRam;29785

At the moment I use uTorrent, theres an option to encrypt your connection in the settings. Also get a program called PeerGuardian, it should sort you out

Thanks. BitLord should have the same options. I'll get PeerGuardian as well to be safe.

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I know this is a random bump but this topic came up on another forum so I decided to write this rant. Thought I'd copy it for you lot to see.


Record labels will die soon. Good bands, especially the established bands can sell albums without labels. It's about promotion for bands and the limelight because enough money can be made from that without selling records. The increased popularity and corporate sponsorship of festivals is one example of how this will become. P2P is just a good way of spreading your music around.

How can TV companies like Sky expect to buy shows like Lost of C4 and Prison Break of Five so that people have to pay money to watch something that they could watch previously with a TV license alone and no other subscription fees? So it's no wonder why people are downloading programmes. BBC introducing iPlayer is a very good move in my opinion as it allows people to watch programmes when they want so it cuts another incentive to download illegally.

Films are expensive for what they are. Going to the cinema can cost a fortune for a family. Adult tickets can reach £8 or more. A lot of films are dross these days and while film companies enjoy large takings on opening weekends even if a film is poor, then it doesn't take long for word of mouth to cause a decline. If people hear a film is rubbish, they'd rather take a free look to see for themselves than take the unlikely chance that they'll enjoy the film which costs a lot to see. DVDs take a while to be released, which gives an incentive to download a film. Watchmen was recently released on DVD but the director's cut is only available in region 1. What do they expect people to do?

Though soon the media institutions will realise they are fighting a losing battle to the internet and will have to either concede or launch a legal market into the internet, like iTunes have done. Though unfortunately until this happens, companies will continue to raise prices to save their dying income and this will heavily tax people who legally purchase media.

A lot of downloaded material is material people would choose not to use if they couldn't get it for free anyway.

Do you agree?

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mary whitehouse re-incarnate lol nah i'm only jokin mate i agree cinema is well expensive now but if you sign up to a website i use seefilmfirst you get to see quite alot of the new films before they come out at the cinema for free all you have to after is do a quick review like did you like the film was the cinema packed what was the atmosphere like ect literally takes 5 mins and its a cheap night out also you get 2 tickets

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I'm trying to get out of a trip to the cinema today. It's a film I don't want to see with money I can't spend.

Cinema sucks balls anyway. Too many 14 year old kids throwing pop corn and kicking your seat. Plus pop corn costs like £3 unless you smuggle your own stuff in.

I only go to the cinema if it's something I desperately want to see.

Watching DVDs at home and downloading torrents ftw.

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