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Would this team do better...


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Originally posted by David;29297

Pick up the current Derby squad, I know it's hard but try and imagine it being injury free and drop it in the Premiership, do you think it would beat the 11 points the class of 07/08 managed?

Interesting question.

Our current team would get more than 11 points. The team in 07/08 had some faint glimmers of 'Premiership quality' in Earnshaw, Miller, [sIZE=1]Clod[/sIZE] and Oakley who failed to inspire confidence in the team, thus the defeatist mentality of two failing managers bounced back on to them and their skills meant nothing.

I think our team now would be relegated in the Premiership but the quality of Kris Commons, Rob Hulse, Steve Davies and Giles Barnes (all injury free) would scrape a few wins. Plus the mentality of Clough and Savage would mean losing a few matches wouldn't knock us for six. IMO we're still a better side on paper than Burnley but I guess football is played on grass and not paper so you never know.

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