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Wow! Obama seen wearing Derby County shirt.


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Can you believe this?

TODAY the Washington Post can finally reveal the name of the favourite soccer team of president Obama. It was revealed in the media earlier in the year that the president supported the NFL team Chicago Bears. Various rumours have since been made around the globe of his favourite soccer team. Some reports have led to believe he is a fan of MLS team Chicago Fire. The Illinois Sun even posted an article falsely proclaiming that he supported English soccer team Leicester City. When asked by a British journalist at the recent G20 conference about this, he replied by laughing off these reports. Yesterday however, a papparazzi photographer took photos of Obama while he was on a summer vacation visit to West Virginia zoo with his family. He was seen wearing the replica jersey of English soccer team Derby County. Later investigations have revealed he is an avid fan of the English Coca-Cola Championship franchise. The president's publicist was happy for photos of Mr. Obama wearing the jersey to be released in the media. Speaking via the phone on Fox News, the president confirmed "I just can't get enough of the Rams. For obvious reasons, I can't get to Pride Park but I hope I can make a visit to Derby, England in the coming months. Since my fellow American Andy Appleby purchased the franchise, I have believed that the club promises change, hope and progress. As many know, I support these ambitions and have decided to support the club". The president even went on to say "My favourite player is Miles Addison".


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