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Tony Pulis' Hat II

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1 hour ago, Bris Vegas said:

Jose Mourinho’s hypocrisy.

I fully understand why he would blame the officials, opposition tactics, the weather or any other factor after losing/dropping points as it’s the classic ‘deflect attention away from his side’s poor performance’. This doesn’t bother me. I get it.

But what I find astounding his the hypocrisy he comes out with regarding other stuff. Calling City divers when he has Herrera and Young in his team.

But worst of all calling out City for a lack of respect and education following their supposed aftermatch celebrations. This coming from a guy who ran the length of the touchline at Old Trafford, slid on his knees halfway across the pitch at the Bernabeu and worse marched to the other side of the Nou Camp pitch to goad Barca fans after the Inter Milan semi-final.

Hypocrite... And the fact nowadays he’s just a sulky mardarse even when his team are winning.

It's all part of his mind games.

Calling the city players out for diving was obviously to ensure that the referee was on the look out for it, and to sow the seed of doubt if there were any instances where a penalty might be given.

Calling City out is to try to take the shine of Guardiola and his team. He can't say they aren't a better side than his, so has to try to cut them down to size by saying they aren't a classy bunch.

All part of his overall managerial style. He loves being the bad guy.

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On 18/03/2018 at 16:37, JoetheRam said:

Leicester City's pitch.

I thought they brought a rule out this season about only allowed straight lines but I may be wrong after all is the Prem 

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8 hours ago, Mistaram said:

I thought they brought a rule out this season about only allowed straight lines but I may be wrong after all is the Prem 

Yeah they spoke about it on MOTD. Guess the rule didn't get enforced  

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2 hours ago, Pearl Ram said:

Is it not The Premier League they have to adhere to the straight lines rule ? The cup’s a different kettle of fish being as it’s governed by the FA. Might be wrong there mind.

Yeah that's what the tv commentator said - premier league is straight lines only, cup games the groundsman has more artistic freedom.

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Goalkeepers being given free kicks for an opposition player's hair brushing against them causing them to be tipped slightly off balance.

Bring back 1930's style bundling of the guy with the massive advantage of being able to use his hands, just to give him something to think about.

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