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Tony Pulis' Hat II


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There used to be a thread on here to moan about things to do with football, starting with a classic Alpha rant.

I can't seem to find it, so here's a new one for the new season.

Wilfred Zaha linked with a QPR move.

Oh brilliant. I can't wait.

He will score 4 in 32 appearances or something like that, but when he scores a wonder goal against some horrid team like Leicester, we'll have loads of cockney pundits in suits analysing the goal from 18738277 different camera angles on three different channels, describing it in the present tense, telling us it's "Harry doing his magic again" by "taking a gamble on the young lad - and it's paid off", ignoring all the sh1te performances he puts in before and after said match.

Harry will play him in every match, no matter his form, the hope of doing something which might look good on MoTD.

Then we'll get a BBC Sport article entitled  "is Zaha finally coming of age?", purporting to be an intelligent analytical piece, but basically saying "he scored a good goal, give him an England cap".

Anyone else fancy having a moan about the 'best league in the world' which is kicking off tomorrow? Or does something else bother you about modern football?

We were allowed to be excited last weekend but the REAL football starts this weekend. And the only place you can catch all the moaning, live and exclusive, is on this thread...

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That ridiculous transfer-total-ometer thing they have on Sky Sports News ... with that ridiculous Scottish bloke who stands next to it and has eyes like an owl.

What a prat.


Who, Jim White?  He has a special August advent calander counting down to his personal Christmas...

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No not Jim White ... it's a younger chap who I find utterly irritating.

Quite a lot of how Sky Sports covers the football annoys me...they just choke you all day long with monotonous, banal non-information. 

Bring back 'The Match' with Elton Welsbey, or 'Saint & Greavsie. That's what I say

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Soccer Saturday is the stuff of legend ... no problems with that at all ... makes my Saturday.

Sky Sports News went downhill the minute there was no more Georgie Thompson ... what a stunningly beautiful woman she is.

At least Kirsty is back now though...but even she can't make some of the turgid stat heavy ***** in the least bit interesting.

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Arsenal are in with a real chance this year.


Let's start the season!!! Wooohoooo!! At last! Proper football!!

Wait, no sorry, I forgot the big friendly England have at Wembley v Whatsthepointistan.

Van Gaal. Get. Out. His. Arse.

People ringing up radio stations going on about what players should be bought. Go away.

"The new Messi". He's not an iphone

"Similar to Ronaldo". Yeah, except much much worse

"There are no easy games". Forest Green Rovers or Man City? Exactly, shut up.

Got it all to come. And Tom Ince in the same boat as Zaha. One good cross against Burnley and he should be "on the plane".

All the talk about England under performing whenever anyone under the age of 25 plays well. Even though anyone who's not an England fan wasn't really surprised at all.

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Got it all to come. And Tom Ince in the same boat as Zaha. One good cross against Burnley and he should be "on the plane".


Absolutely, I can see that. Good shout.


I remember Albrington putting in two decent crosses against Wolves. MOTD did comparisons with David Beckham.


Hope my parents have decent home insurance because I have a feeling someone is going to say something to make me throw something hard and heavy at the tele before I head back to uni over the next few weeks.


Another thing I can't wait for. Arsenal will have a decent spell of a dozen games or so before Christmas and the media will pull their usual "doesn't it seem ridiculous that anyone called for Wenger's head now?" Errrr, no? They've been underachieving for years FFS. And the media has been the harshest of his critics.


FFS already my blood pressure is going up.

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