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Savage slept in the fridge


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FOOTBALLER Robbie Savage has revealed a bizarre sleepwalking problem that once saw him take a nap in his fridge.

The midfielder said he has been plagued by the condition all his life and it has seen him wake up in some weird situations.

Robbie, 34, said one of his old team-mates at Leicester City had first-hand experience of his problem as they roomed together before a big game.

He hauled striker Graham Fenton, now 35, out of bed because he feared they would be hit by a train.

Former Wales international Robbie, now with Derby County, said: “I do some mad sleepwalking. I’ve always done it.

“I tried to sleep in the fridge once and it wasn’t very comfortable.

“Once I dragged Graham Fenton off his bed before a big match against Liverpool.

“Apparently I was convinced a train was going to hit the building.

“I didn’t believe it had happened when he told me about it in the morning.â€Â

Researchers have estimated that 3.1% of women and 3.9% of men are sleepwalkers.



You've gotta to be cool to sleep in the fridge don't you think?

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Originally posted by vicky-27;26379

He is cool :cool:

I'm glad i don't sleepwalk - must be pretty scarey.

I have sleep walked before, when i was about 7 an had a bunk bed, was top bunk, managed to climb down, and walk to the top of the stairs, and apparently i was just stood there still staring at something lol, scared the **** outta me mam.

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i used to sleep walk to when i was younger i lived on poplar close in alvo with a big green in the middle and apparently i used to get up in the middle of the night get the dog and walk it round the green twice each way around then walk back in the house and go to bed /ohmy also i beat my brother up in my sleep too once

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