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Away shirt launch


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It's an exact 'negative' of the Home shirt. Black shirt, white lines and stripes. White shorts with black lines and stripes. Black socks with white stripes.

I think it looks nice but it's a disappointment they haven't come up with a new design.

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Just been reading about its not black and white its black and silver. ~The shorts are like the silver away sorts England had about 5 years ago apparently.

Well look like the promises of the board to give the fans choice lasted exactly a season.

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Originally posted by BARRman;19742

just a word of warning i have some inside info, and he away kit is definatly going to be black and silver in that strip kit,that i beleive boro and spain are sporting

s id presume the home kit will be the same!

oh and my info comes from a director at bombardier, who have been shown the kits ahead of there release so id presume bombardier are shirt sonsers again

this person also told me bout the argie 3rd strip in july last year months beofre its release so hopefully hes right again!


It definitely is silver and not white. It's not tacky silver and has a tasteful look to it. I like the colour but would have appreciated a different template though.

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Originally posted by mace20040;26334

Was me and Vicky the only ones in favour of this strip a while ago,did someone say no way will it be inverted. Looks like chad leads the way in the fashion again eh Vicky:p

Gold chains and caps are soon to hit the streets of trendy West London.

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