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Atmosphere in different stands


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As I'm marooned in London, I tend to go mainly to away games in London and the South and only get up to Derby a couple of times a season. I haven't actually been to Derby for almost a year now (have been to around 8 away games in last year)


I'm planning to come to a couple of home matches in the latter half of this season; one with my mate (where we'll get involved in the singing/chanting) and one with my daughter for her first game (where I'd look for the family area but with a reasonable view).


Given the changes to the seating in the last year, I wonder if I could have some advice on where would be best to sit myself in these scenarios?



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South stand in the two blocks nearest away fans, is never available whenever I've tried. Guess it's full of St holders? As near as you can get to that though, is going to be best for atmosphere. For the one with your daughter, I'd go for West stand lower, back row. I'm usually in line with 18 yard box. Great view, and still close to away fans!

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