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sad end to year


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Sorry to hear that mate. I remember having to put my cat of 15 years down, it was in the vets for 4 days and the vet told me the only time he got up or moved (despite being so weak) was when I walked through the door. It broke my heart, felt like I was abandoning the old chap every time I had to go home.


Glad to hear he is on the mend Srg.

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I spend half my time rollicking the dog and the other half moaning about it but the stupid thing is part of the family and it's more loyal than any human.

Gutted for you buddy.

Made me chuckle that did mate i was the same.

Thanks for msg guys i only mentioned it because it was my forum name,had staffords for 30 years so not first time for me more upset for the kids and the Mrs who isnt a dog lover but took it the hardest.

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