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30k+ against Wigan.


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It is kids for a quid, the north stand will be full.


Whenever we have a chance you'll hear loads of high pitched screaming kids which is so annoying.


The likes of Utch and myself were high-pitched screaming kids in the mid 1960's, and emjlc02 was a high-pitched, screaming kid in the 1920's.


What's not to like?

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About 2,500 plus the netting takes away around another 1,000.

You mean the netting that runs top to bottom of the stand - in two strips. We sit between them being South Stand season ticket holders.

The netting is four or five seats wide. 24 rows in top tier and about 26 in the lower - that's only 200 to 250 seats taken uo by the netting.

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