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As I am an unlucky derby fan who doesn't have a ticket I am forced to watch it on BT sport! Even more unfortunately I do not have BT sport, does anyone know if bt sport do a day pass kind of thing? I know sky do must does BT?


Not sure at all, But there is bound to be a stream on sportlemon or justin tv.

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I have the same problem. I have Freesat and I also have a Now TV box (Sky pay as you go). (I have busy family life and maybe watch one match every 2 months on tv)


I'd happily pay on a "pay as you go" basis for BT sport and watch it on the web but that service does not seem to be available?  Or I would download an app for my nexus and watch it on there but again, doesn't seem to be available on a pay as you go basis.


I think BT sport a missing a trick by not allowing access to those without sky or BT broadband. I would happily pay to watch the odd match in the way I do with sky using now tv

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