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How long will the run last?


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Depends on the definition of 'the run'. If we were to draw against leicester, we'd loose the winning streak, but we'd still have an unbeaten run.

I would be disappointed, based on our run of form and position in the league, if we didn't beat Huddersfield and Barnsley. Even if we weren't as good as we currently are, I would pick those as a win. I know we shouldn't be complacent or arrogant, but seriously, anything less than a win against a bottom three club, and we don't deserve to be where we are.

We recently beat Wigan away, but they're now out of Europe and have a new manager, but I'd still be expecting us to replicate our away result.

Chelsea is where we'll get a real challenge, and I'm excited to see just how good we really are. Leicester fans probably thought the same about playing Man City. But, who knows, if we put in a good innings against Chelsea, and we're still on a run, it might give us the confidence to go toe to toe with Leicester. And then the sky's the limit.

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One game at a time....

There was some show boating v donnie - especially from wisdom - and we soon lost the plot when they responded.

Heads down. Work hard. And keep at it.

Fortunately because we've come from nowhere and have nothing much to lose, at least we are playing without fear.

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Tbh i don't think huddersfield or barnsley will be easy.

Huddersfield haven't lost by more than one goal all season except when they faced ex-manager lee clark / brum.

Their results aren't bad actually.

They beat burnley and leeds, and only lost by 1 goal to reading.

Won away at bolton and sheff wed.

They are playing with wing backs and can crowd the midfield.

A set piece could settle this ....or a penalty.

1-0 would be a great result for us.

.......and barnsley.

Drew with leeds, won at brighton, only lost by 1 to burnley.

Had 50% possession and 11 shots at Leeds.

Playing 451 and with butland in goal.

Ward v nyatanga could be our route to success.

Another 1-0 and i'd be well chuffed.

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I'd be more than happy with 3 points out of the next two games.


Realistically we can't win every game so a loss at Huddersfield, win at Barnsley and into the 2nd half of the season 3 points off the top will do me!


Bring it on, Steve, Simmo and Eric to channel all their energy into keeping feet on the ground, working hard, doing the basics and encouraging the players to pass the ball quickly and fluently. Let the other teams worry about us while we quietly go about our business.

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