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Darren Moore on Talk Sport


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Talking about Derby. Said Sam Rush had excellent and players he knows are bigging up the new regime.

Coaching, style and atmosphere all better and can now play without fear.

We're getting some serious column inches at the minute.

Long may it continue!

This message made my brain implode trying to deconstruct it. So let me get this right:

'Talking about Derby' - who was talking about Derby, and why?

'Said Sam Rush' - what did Sam Rush say?

'Had excellent, - excellent what?

'And players he knows' - who? Sam Rush? Darren Moore?

'Bigging up the new regime' - ahh, the language of Chaucer and Shakespeare could not express such profundity!

'We are getting some column inches' - is this a sexual act performed in bath houses and certain 'clubs'?

I like your style young man, and a scattergun approach in the use of the 'full stop' makes for interesting posts!

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Playing without fear might be the key.

Or is it simply that good results breed confidence.

Looking forward to us smashing Doncaster and really establishing some promotion credentials.

Doesn't tend to happen just like that tho.

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