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Robbie Savage


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I think Robbie has fell out of love with us,since the NC saga.

I admire his loyalty to Nigel ,but doesn't seem to give us a mention,especially on twitter,which he always did before

Surely he has to admit,the appointment of SM was a master stroke

He's mentioned us a few times on twitter when we have scored, And even had a little pop at Hartson at the weekend.

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Sav did praise Derby and The Mac on the 5 Live phone-in recently when a Rams fan called in - but Robbie did hasten to mention that Cloughie had put the foundations in place!


Mac is taking it to a different level on all fronts.


Had we fluked promotion under Nigel somehow (over the next five years.....) I now shudder to think how they would have gone about squad recruitment and preparation for the Prem.


Fair comment?

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In the DET today :(

Most Rams fans have a soft spot for larger-than-life character Robbie Savage (******). He finished his playing career as captain at Derby County in 2011 while building up his media career thanks, he says, to the support and flexibility shown to him by former Rams boss Nigel Clough. Here we look at Robbie's life after football and his love of clothes.

Say ‘Robbie Savage’ to anyone and it conjures up powerful images; whether it’s as a controversial football player, a bronzed ballroom dancer on Strictly or latterly as an informed and popular pundit on the BBC.

We chat to the former Derby County player in his Cheshire home as he conducts a photoshoot for one of his favourite shops, Leicester designer store Christopher Scotney.

“Other people always make more of my looks than I do. I just am who I am. I’ve always had long

hair, and I prefer my clothes to be simple and well cut. That’s just me.”

Has your style changed since you have retired from football?

“Yes definitely. I used to wear baggier clothes as I was skinny and I thought it would make me look

bigger, however these days that’s not such a problem!” Robbie roars with laughter, flashing the

trademark pearly whites. “But I have to look a lot smarter for television anyway so clothes are better

cut with a slimmer fit.”

So do you enjoy style and fashion?

“Shopping is great – I tend to shop sporadically, buying loads of clothes in one go. Sometimes I order items online and get them delivered to my house to try on – that’s perfect for me. However I love the touch and feel of clothes – it’s really important to me to be able to try before I buy. Stores like Christopher Scotney are great because they provide you with such a personal service – and Chris makes a good cup of tea!” Robbie teases the owner of the store and long standing friend.

Are there any style essentials that you just have to have with you?

“I would say a well cut blazer, a plain v-neck t-shirt (always v-neck) and a pair of Jacob Cohen jeans – they just fit so well.”

And is there anything that you have regretted wearing?

“Oh I used to have some atrocious stuff when I was a player. Particular low points include a lime green jacket and a huge faux fur coat that made me look like a polar bear! Anything I don’t want goes to charity these days. I support a local cancer charity as I have to go through so many clothes for television – if you wear something more than twice someone complains about it!”

How did you feel about wearing all that lycra and sequins on Strictly Come Dancing?

“It was fantastic – the design team would present the original idea to you and then you would get to input into the style, anything you wanted longer, shorter, tighter etc. They were amazing costumes and worth a fortune. I did the Strictly tour and got to keep two outfits – the Michael Jackson outfit where I jump on the desk in front of Craig Revel-Horwood and the Robbie Williams outfit. It was an amazing opportunity and I am so glad I did it.”

You have gone from being a controversial footballer to a much-loved football pundit and all-round personality. How does it feel to have the adoration of the public?

“I never really pay much attention to what people say – either good or bad. The best compliments I get are from people like Gary Lineker – if he says I’ve done a good job that really means something.”

So what’s next for Robbie Savage?

“My BBC work on Match of the Day will continue as normal but I am also doing lots of charity work – I am climbing Kilimanjaro this year and walking 100 miles in the Sahara next year for the William Hill Project Africa helping fund education for Kenyan children. It is great to be able to help people promoting these causes – I am investing in the future now.”


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On the pitch, I thought he was a fake, even at Derby - bouncing around like a playful Afghan Hound puppy.


Off the pitch, and I'm particularly referring to his charitable work here, he comes across as a thoroughly genuine and really nice person.

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He's a lot more knowledgeable when it comes to punditry than most people would've realised before he started, same with Gary Neville. Neither would've been on most folks' Christmas card list but they both far better than most of their peers when it comes to analysis of teams.


Both of them make excellent pundits, although Robbie's accent does grate a bit after a while!

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