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January Transfer Suggestions and Bollox Rumours


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Where can I post a rumour topic where it won't get locked. People are aloud to speculate arent they?

Rumour and speculate, two different things right?

Titling a thread Michael Keane and talking about Zaha doesn't sound to me like someone that is confident in their "source".

Anyhow have this thread, suggestions and ****** rumours, fire away.

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Couldn't care less. This whole site is well over moderated. How bloody difficult is it to open a thread where people can speculate..... Grrrrrr. Rant over

Don't like it? May I point you in the direction of other Derby forums available

Derby Mad


Come on you Rams




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I've never really rated Zaha that highly. I'd rather have Hughes in my team - but, of course, English football being English football, a pacey, tricky winger is always valued more highly than an intelligent central midfielder.


Zaha and Ince. Players like that aren't the future, they're the past.


It's a maybe from me. His wages will probably be high and I'm not sure what his ego's like - could be much more trouble and cost than it's worth.

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Honestly. I know half a dozen people who work at Carrington or at united. I also Know personally a bloke called David Meek who used to write Fergies programme notes and used to write for the MEN.


Zaha will aparently be going on loan in January and we are one place that has been mentioned.


To be honest I don't think I would want him here.

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A left back and a big strong defensive mid is all we need

Agree with this. My thoughts are could Jeff Hendrick be that midfield player? He has the build and to be honest, at the moment, he isn't a natural replacement for Hughes. I prefer Coutts or someone else in that role if necessary. Some will say he is at his best driving forward but I think he could be remoulded into a darn good defensive midfielder. 

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Nice one.. Although I'm happy now...


So anyway. Wilfred Zaha anyone?


Yes please.


Just think what a great player Steve McClaren could turn him into.

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