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Guess the Legend


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Kevin hector for xmas surely

What a Christmas that would be

To find by the Christmas tree

The Legendary greatest three

Hector. O'Hare, Hinton.


These three names and other greats

Take me and my Popside mates

Back inside BBG's Gates

Far from rainy Quinton.


Boxing Day with Pete and Dad

Jumping shouting, going mad

Lose this one and we'd be sad,

Through tears we'd be squintin'


Man United with George Best,

Bobby Charlton and the rest

This would be a right tough test

And the sun was glinting.


Eight fine goals we saw that day

That was entertainment eh?

Four for us and four for they!

Set the green un printing!


Many legends in both teams

On that field of hopes and dreams

Glory days are back, it seems

Wardy, Hughes and Martin!


(At my age I can get a bit sentimental, that eight goal thriller will never be forgotten by any of us who were there. Here's to more memories being created for Rams fans this season!)

Merry Christmas all! :wub:

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I was born in '82
I have different legends to you
No one could have warned us
Of the impact of Dean Saunders
1-5 was the score
When we first met Igor
A signing from Milan
How good was Stefan?
The header went boom
What are you doing Poom?
Return of the Mac
Attack, Attack, Attack!
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