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i have idea to improve things at pp


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1. Get a new PA system. 

2. Get new bigger TV's in the concourse so we can actual see things.

3. Get a new sound system and actually connect them to the TV's. 

4. Encourage fans to bring flags and banners.

5. Move the away fans.

6. Introduce safe standing.



Hopefully all this will be ready for our first home game in the PL. 


+get on with the plaza. 

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The PA system already drowns out pre-match singing and (of course) conversation - and probably often contravenes dB regulations :blink:


There's plenty of noise from the so-called older generation when the team's playing well - also, the atmosphere has been transformed all around the stadium in the past two months. We are all enjoying going to games again, it's not a chore.


Seniors are still vocal and passionate - you just don't hear different parts of the ground very well from other areas; you couldn't actually hear very much from the SE Corner (sitting at the opposite end of the E Stand) and it's now much better when our fans are behind the goal.


I hope safe standing is introduced and that away fans are moved and sited in a more 'marginal' arrangement to our own support.


Consider too that many seniors have spent 40 years following the Rams and were the ones who sang their lungs out to send the Clough and Taylor and Mackay teams to the top!


We'd be in the BBG singing full-tilt for over an hour before kick-off, too - get there later and you wouldn't get into those 40,000 crowds!


How many are in the stadium early these days to whip up the atmosphere?


IMHO the current generation can't hold a candle to that 60s/70s support - not that they've had as much to shout about, I'll grant yer. :p

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It is not.that bad mate it.is just somethimg get older crowd involved and family and kids if pp looks active they.might want.to join in. A little boy was trying to join but said to his dad what they singing until i sang slowly he started to join in.

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The thing is B4, I get frowned at for shouting come on Derby in the family stand, wouldn't have bought a ST in there if I'd known. Thinking about giving in and just lapping it up for Donny on Saturday by putting my head on Wards body for a photo, colouring in Rammie and having my face painted.

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