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what/who do we look like?


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Being someone who's posted on forums for a quite long time, I've established respect and even bonded with fellow posters.


Over the years, I think I've personally met 20-30 people, many of whom I now consider friends.


One thing though is just how different they actually look to what image I have in my mind.


a) Describe your appearance (honestly), and if you look like someone, feel free to post a picture


b) Is there a poster you imagine as looking similar to someone famous?



Personally, over the years, I've been told I look like a fat Michael Owen, Ricky Gervais, Jason Manford and even Nigel Clough! I have a bad beer belly at the moment.

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This thread is mega GAY!!!


Im really good looking and since my daughter has been born ive kept my manly beard (scared she wont like me without one)


Women throw themselves at me!!!


When I day dream about Alpha I imagine him looking like Eminem, always wearing a white vest!!!

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The most famous person I look like is probably our former injured striker Steven Davies I'm thinner and look younger even though I'm older I think.

It's really odd when you see pictures of what people really look like. They're never even close.

But actually mostyn I reckon from your post I haven't got you too far off.

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