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Ex-Burton 'Keeper Starts New Career As Wrestler


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One of the more unusual stories of the week! :lol:






Former Port Vale goalkeeper Stuart Tomlinson is giving up a career between the sticks to take up fighting in the ring – as he jets off to join WWE.


The 28-year-old former body builder, retired from professional football in July because of a knee ligament injury, but it now looks like he’s been given a ticket to try his hand at wrestling with the American franchise.


Tomlinson, who played 81 times for Port Vale before leaving in 2012 to join League Two side Burton Albion until he was forced to call it a day, tweeted: ‘Looking forward to a new job (with the) WWE. Swapping two posts and a net, with four posts and ropes – USA bound!’




But surely if he can't play football with his dodgy knee, he won't be able to pick up/throw people around either? Fair play to him though.

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I find it weird that the WWE have signed him based purely on how he looks (I'm assuming he hasn't had much, if any, training).


It's quite common with the women but, for men, you normally need to have years of experience or some sort of wrestling lineage.

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Lee Grant your next pal

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Is that him? Don't like fellas who wear massive bling. Very vulgar darrrling.


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Come on.We all know it would happen in the blink of an eye.


Bywater could have a cage fight with him?


Bucko would take both at the same time, while buying Dav and Ladyram a pint and apologising for the interruption.

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