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Derby have the most clinical, effective, and dangerous attack in the league (Graph)


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If you click on attacking graph, Derby are the circle in bottom left near to centre of the graph.

Interesting to look at the defensive graph as well. What's interesting Is not only have we scored the most goals, but we are the most clinical finishers in the league as well so far. Impressive stuff.

Up the Rams!

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5 goals from 5 attempts is more clinical than 6 goals from 10 attempts

But about 10 clubs have a similar no of shots as us.....so the one who scores the most is the most clinical.....

Tbh maths aint my subject

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Im going to take clinical as meaing a shot / goal conversion ratio.

Which given that we have a side who dont like to shoot, unless its a tap in... kinda figures.


We 'might' have even more goals this season if we had a charlie austin / ross mccormack / jordan rhodes up front for us.

but we would be 'less clinical' given all those like to shoot at any opprtunity and miss the target as much as they score.

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