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@reluctantnicko: @GarethJLee Might be some surprise news in paper tomorrow. Target for Jan. Not sure why exactly ...

@GarethJLee: @reluctantnicko "Not sure why" Do you mean the player is no good? Which paper? Cheers mate!!

@reluctantnicko: @GarethJLee Mirror. Player is good. Surprised at the need.

@reluctantnicko: @GarethJLee Loan

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A better jamie ward.

Ward has scored 5 goals recently. Not at his best yesterday, but we now have options. But "An even better Jamie Ward" might have been more appropriate.


For me we should be very careful about not destabilising the squad and spirit with new players in January. Right now it feels as if we can beat anyone. Bringing people in who haven't earned the shirt would be a mistake. The current crop have won the right to see this thing through.

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Intriguing, but if a player is available in any position who's better than what we've got - happy days.


I guess we'll sign Dawkins, or at least try to, extend Keane, and maybe bring in one other...

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