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BBC Championship Coverage


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Today, the first 4 live games to be shown on the BBC have been announced.

* Saturday August 8 - West Bromwich Albion v Newcastle United, BBC1 at 5.30pm.

* Saturday September 26 - Ipswich Town v Newcastle United, 5.30pm (channel TBC).

* Saturday October 24 - Derby County v Queens Park Rangers, BBC2 at 5.30pm.

* Sunday November 1 - Cardiff City v Nottingham Forest, BBC1 at 2pm.

Good news. Though it might reduce the attendance, it is good to see the Rams on terrestrial TV again.

Newcastle United twice in four chosen games though? We're gonna have to get used to Newcastle's over-selected coverage.

Forest have a game on too.

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Thats the one, moved onto doing the Olympics I think it was then Football Focus. When does the F1 season finish? if it doesnt overlap into the football season too much I would guess it would be him. Wouldn't of thought Lineker, Hanson and co. would be doing it.

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Under the new agreement,

Sky will broadcast:

65 matches from the Coca-Cola Football League

Play-offs - including all three finals

Live matches from all rounds of the Carling Cup - two matches per round - and two legs of the semi-finals plus the final

Live matches from the Johnstone's Paint Trophy

Highlights and clips of the Coca-Cola Football League, Carling Cup & Johnstone's Paint Trophy

The BBC will broadcast:

10 matches from the Coca-Cola Championship

The two legs of the Carling Cup semi-finals not covered by Sky

Highlights and clips of the Coca-Cola Football League and the Carling Cup


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Originally posted by David;21014

I'm sure I read earlier in the year that BBC would be taking over the Football League highlights show, don't quote me on it tho.

Glad to hear that. I flippin hate 'The Championship' (not the League of course the ITV show). It shows about half an hour of one match, with ten seconds of Derby. He spends hours walking around some stadium making crap puns. Not to mention the constant ad breaks! :mad: :mad:


Well it's on BBC now, so all is well.

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Originally posted by DCFCGaz;21019

Did you ever notice that in the opening credits there was NO Derby fan or clip of a Derby player!!?? Really got on my nerves that did. Hope they change it

yep that did used to annoy me!

hope cbbc man does it i like his presenting skills, but would goabby logan not get bthe job? or ray stubbs?

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