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It's Chris Evans as Technical Director - confirmed


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Evans, along with Megson, has spent the last year on gardening leave but has put that time to good use, following the example of his sons – both University of York graduates – by studying for a degree in applied management for managers at Warwick, which covers modules such as marketing, media relations, stress management and psychology.

He has also added to his unbelievably extensive and comprehensive stack of player dossiers.

“I’ve been keeping busy and have been going to three or four games a week, to study teams and players,” Evans told The Press. “I have studied and compiled detailed reports on every player in the Premier League and Championship.

“I also know a lot in Europe and am two-thirds through the rest in League One and League Two. Somebody once told me it’s a weakness not to know every player in the country.

“I don’t know them all yet but I know a hell of a lot of them, including information on their background, personalities, injury records, pace, stamina, physiological make-up and technical ability because I feel the future has to be knowledge of this core product. In my opinion, football is all about recruitment and bringing in better players than the ones you decide to replace.

“With that in mind, we set up a UK, European and worldwide scouting network at Bolton that, hopefully, the club is still benefiting from. Success comes from knowing something other people don’t and the only way to get to know about more players is by getting off your backside.”

Wolverhampton-based Evans, whose gardening leave came to an end with the arrival of the New Year, is now waiting for his next challenge in the game, having spent 16 years on Wolves’ coaching staff prior to being head-hunted by Bolton.

Now 48, he does not rule out teaming up with Megson again or even having a stab at management himself, saying: “I want to get back into the game and can’t wait for that to happen.

“I’ve done virtually every job in a football club and would never say never to becoming a full-time manager. I’ve been involved in the game for 31 years and would dearly love to be involved for another 30 years.

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him with the ginger hair. Oh no! it's one step forward and two back at this club.

Lol, no, it's not him.

But he is minted, so can invest if he likes ;-)

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CHRIS Evans is set to join Derby County as "technical director".

The 51-year-old has been assistant to Gary Megson at Bolton Wanderers and Sheffield Wednesday.

Evans left Wednesday in March last year.

His role at Derby will focus on recruitment, managing the scouting system, providing information for the manager and the board, and dealing with agents and the football network.

Rams chief executive Sam Rush has been impressed by the quality of candidates for the position.

"I think people view Derby County very much as we do, which is a club of immense stature and huge potential," he said.

Former head of recruitment at Cardiff City, Iain Moody, was also interviewed. He has since joined Crystal Palace as sporting director.

Evans' appointment and his official title is expected to be confirmed in the next day or two.

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