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watches....to dream on for

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On 11/09/2018 at 08:51, Archied said:

Has anybody used Watchfinder ? There’s a really nice Bremont that I like but the model I want has changed so would have to buy used one ,I really worry about getting done by a fake if buying from internet

Hi. I don't know about Watchfinder but if you are into Bremont watches theres a fan page called Alt1tude.Bremont.com. You might want to check that out. Which model you have in mind?

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I bought a used rolex explorer 2  may years ago from the exchange and mart for 25 pounds (at the time i lived in Derby and drove to Leeds as soon as i saw the advert. a bargain at 25 pounds but i am sure that people who remember the exchange and mart will know it was a long while ago. about 35 years from memory.

about 6 years ago, now living in spain, i saw an advert in a local paper wanting to buy used watches ie rolex, omega etc.  the buyer was offering €4000 for explorer 2 with orange hands. (aparantely this particular model was worn by steve mcqueen and became known as the steve mcqueen model)

i thought if a dealer is offering that without even seeing it, it is obviously worth more.  so i advertised the watch on ebay.

it sold for € 9500.  (at the time euro / pounds was about the same; as it is now.) the buyer caught a flight the same day from malaga to valencia to collect the watch.  not a bad investment!

i sold the watch then bought a submariner for € 2900.  i was in a jewellers recently and was offered € 5000 for the watch by the jeweller.

i didnt sell it. not really  in need of the money these day but just goes to show the right watch is a very good investment.

i share the time now with my rolex submariner and samsung frontier s3


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13 hours ago, steve brummie said:

Simple answer is probably 'no'!

As with the watches on here, some of the most valuable go for nearly as much whether working or not.

Just be sure to sell it in a specialist auction. Don't risk eBay or auction equivalent of a car boot!

Yes, I've already spotted a specialist in Bath, the name escapes me, but I sent some pictures by email and I got a response basically saying the same, namely, sell 'as is'" but it's probably only worth a few hundred"! Phew!

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On 15/09/2018 at 13:13, steve brummie said:

Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick anyway!

Exactly my philosophy. I'll let you know when/if it happens (the auction, not the poke in the eye)

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