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David Moyes


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Didn't take long after joining Man Utd for him to become an arse:-


Manchester United manager David Moyes says he finds his club's start to the new season "hard to believe".

Among their first five Premier League games, the champions host Chelsea and Manchester City and Liverpool away.

 "I find it hard to believe that's the way the balls came out of the bag, that's for sure."

The Premier League responded by saying: "We have absolutely assured him the process is random and above board. He has accepted those assurances."

A league spokesman also confirmed that Moyes had put his concerns to them directly.

However earlier on Thursday the Scotsman said: "I think it's the hardest start for 20 years that Manchester United have had.

"I hope it's not because Manchester United won the league quite comfortably last year [that] the fixtures have been made much more difficult."

Moyes officially took over from Sir Alex Ferguson, who retired after 26 trophy-laden years in charge, on 1 July. The former Everton boss saw his new side win the Charity Shield with a 2-0 victory against Wigan last week. They start their Premier League campaign away at Swansea, before facing Chelsea, Liverpool, Crystal Palace and Manchester City.

Manchester City, who finished second last season, play two promoted clubs, Hull and Cardiff.

Chelsea, meanwhile, will face two teams who finished in the bottom half last season as well as Hull, Everton and Man Utd.

Four of Arsenal's opening five opponents finished in the bottom half last season, although they do have the derby against Tottenham. Spurs also face two promoted teams as well as Swansea and Norwich.

Meanwhile, Moyes refused to be drawn on whether Wayne Rooney, who has been the subject of two bids from Chelsea, would feature in Saturday's season-opener at Swansea.

The striker, 27, missed Sunday's Community Shield win over Wigan with a shoulder injury but was fit enough to start England's international friendly victory over Scotland on Wednesday before being replaced by match-winner Rickie Lambert.

"It was great for Wayne to get fitness and he played for 65 minutes or so, so overall I was really pleased with the outcome," said Moyes, who was at the game to watch Rooney and his club-mates Danny Welbeck and Tom Cleverley.

"Hopefully when I get back to Old Trafford I will be able to tell you how he is and how his fitness is so. Until I assess that I can't say any more."



I would love to know how the 'fixtures have been made much more difficult'? Have they had Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich thrown into their fixtures?


Not in the hot seat for 3 months and he is already trying Fergie type mind games with The FA.

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He does have a point. It is a seriously tricky start.


I think it's likely down to him feeling the pressure. They've had a pretty awful pre-season and look a pale shadow of a Man Utd side.


They might have won the title with ease last season but they played poorly in the majority of their games and sneaked so many results. I expect them at best to qualify for the Champions League and I think their fans will give Moyes time.


Provided he finishes in the top four, their fans will be quite happy.


I like Moyes. He deserves this chance. It's so typically British to knock the guy now he's made his way to the top. What is it with the British mentality.

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 "I find it hard to believe that's the way the balls came out of the bag, that's for sure."

To be honest, I think Moyes has got a point and I believe that's what he was getting at. 


I think it's a bit of a dig at the influence Sky have over the fixture list. Look the certain clubs fixtures towards the end of the season and you can guarantee whoever Sky think will be vying for the title will be playing each other at the end of March or some time in April.


The fixture list should be done randomly without input from a television company (only in my opinion like) but The Premier League are only Sky's bitches aren't they ?

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I agree with Moyes

Just don't know what he expects to do about it.

Derby have a bit more of a tricky start than usual I think. I'm glad. Easier to recover from tough starts than to rebuild momentum after a slump surely? Once the tough ones are out the way surely Moyes can build up a storming run?

Pressure is what he's worried about. Not fixtures.

His record away to top teams too!

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Am glad you posted that article, beat me to it. Methinks Moyes is feeling the pressure already and getting his excuses out now rather then after the poor start. Tough titties, I would do his job if he thinks there is too much pressure on him to warrant the obscenely high salary associated with the post of manager at Man Utd. 

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He coulld be under serious pressure after about 5 or 6 games, if they lose to Chelsea they could be giving up their title and then if they get beaten by City and the scousers they will have lost face..... having said that....win all 3 and they will be naming a stand after him.

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