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R.I.P. Barbara Clough


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'BARBARA Clough, the wife of legendary Derby County manager Brian Clough, has died.

The family have confirmed that she passed away at the weekend.The news comes just two months after Lilian Taylor, the wife of Cloughie’s right hand man, Peter Taylor, died at the age of 84.

While with the Rams the iconic management team guided the club to the Championship in 1971-72.'




Didn't really know where to start this thread so move it to somewhere more fitting if you want. 

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There are times when I hate life.


Incredible, beautiful heart, warm, funny, supportive, strong like hell.


Mrs Clough had all of those qualities in spades.


They say that behind every successful person is a strong woman, behind every confident grounded child is a strong Mum who sets examples, who builds the blocks and who gives you what you need to get through life.


For that reason alone Mrs Clough deserves a place in history for her dedicated support to Midlands football.


I believe that withour her strength of character and loyalty, neither Derby County, Nottingham Forest or Burton Albion would be where they are today.


God Bless Mrs C. I hope and pray you're back by the side of BC, where you should be, where you always were.

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this saddens me. For all my criticisms of Nigel, he and his family have always been held up as a example of how to be as a family. I have nothing but admiration for the way the whole family have made no secret of their love and the importance they place in each other.


I can't even imagine how Nigel, and the rest of the family are feeling right now, I feel somewhat emotional myself, and I've only smiled and said 'hello' to Barbara.


People band around the words 'legend' and similar far too easily nowadays, but I always put a lot more importance in how people conduct themselves and their values.


When drug-addicted pop-stars, and wife-beating, drink-driving footballers are treated like heroes, it sickens me because, aside of professional achievement, the Cloughs, as a family, should be held in the highest regard as a example to broken Britain, of how to be a family. I certainly wish there were many many more like them.


Sorry if this is political or in the wrong taste, but I think very highly of Barbara Clough, and I believe the world will be a worse place without her.



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RIP Barbara now that you are reunited with your husband,


having recently lost my own mum and being a similar age to Nigel I understand how he must be feeling,


it must be terrible to be in the public eye and to have the responsibility of a football club on your shoulders when your heart is so heavy,


it says that Barbara passed away on Saturday in the McMillan ward after a short illness so I hope that nigel managed to be by her bedside at such an important time.

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I occasionally mention it, but I really want Nigel to do well at Derby, for many reasons, some mentioned above to other ones like annoying the red dogs up the road. I feel somewhat devastated that if it is to happen, one of the people most influential will not be around to feel the pride.


Barbara deserved to see Nigel succeed. I believe in weird stuff like this and my gut feelings are now that this will have a profound effect on Nigel and his career.


I just feel angry that his mother will not be around in body to savour it. :'(

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