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End of Season Predictions


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Just a bit of fun, need to answer the 3 following questions.


1) What will the league table look like come the end of the season? All 24 teams.

2) Derby's top goalscorer

3) Who will be player of the season and young player of the season?


Mine are:

  1. Reading
  2. Bolton
  3. QPR
  4. Forest
  5. Wigan
  6. Leeds
  7. Watford
  8. Derby
  9. Brighton
  10. Leicester
  11. Birmingham
  12. Ipswich
  13. Blackburn
  14. Middlesborough
  15. Bournemouth
  16. Blackpool
  17. Millwall
  18. Burnley
  19. Charlton
  20. Doncaster
  21. Barnsley
  22. Huddersfield
  23. Sheffield Wednesday
  24. Yeovil

Wigan to get promoted via play-offs


Derby's top goalscorer = Johnny Russell


Player of the season = Johnny Russell

Young Player of the season = Will Hughes

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1. Bolton

2. Reading

3. Wigan (promoted via play-offs)

4. Brighton

5. QPR

6. Watford

7. Derby

8. Forest

9. Leicester

10. Blackburn

11. Ipswich

12. Leeds

13. Huddersfield

14. Charlton

15. Middlesborough

16. Burnley

17. Birmingham

18. Barnsley

19. Millwall

20. Blackpool

21. Bournemouth

22. Wednesday

23. Doncaster

24. Yeovil


Top goalscorer: Russell

Player of the season: Bryson

Young player of the season: Hughes

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I tend to write off teams nowadays due to the manager rather than the actual squad of each side..

For example I can see the likes if Ipswich, Reading, Forest, Leeds and Bolton doing well because of the manager alone.. I really don't rate Owen Coyle so on that alone I don't think Wigan will make the top 6.. Leicester is another one, Nigel Pearson is a negative minded manager especially away from home so I can't see them making the top 6..

OK here is my guess.. (I think we'll see a few managerial changes too) I think places 8-14 will be seperated by a few points.. I think Tony Mowbray will walk/get sacked first and Owen Coyle and Paul Ince won't last the season.. I can also see another manager getting sacked but the new manager pulling them away from relegation (Blackburn possibly). QPR will be similar to WHU and probably go up in the playoffs.. Ipswich will be a new force under Mick McCarthy and Leicester will continue to be the underachievers..

1. Derby
2. Watford
3. QPR
4. Bolton
5. Arsegrapes
6. Ipswich
7. Leeds
8. Leicester
9. Charlton
10. Brighton
11. Birmingham
12. Burnley
13. Millwall.
14. Sheff Wed
15. Bournemouth
16. Huddersfield
17. Wigan
18. Blackburn
19. Barnsley
20. Doncaster
21. Middlesbrough
22. Blackpool
23. Yeovil
24. Forest

Top Goalscorer: Ward
POTY: Hendrick YPOTY: Hughes

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1. Reading

2. Brighton


3. Forest

4. Bolton (play-off winners)

5. Leicester

6. Wigan


7. QPR

8. Blackburn

9. Watford

10. Doncaster

11. Derby

12. Ipswich

13. Middlesbrough

14. Charlton

15. Leeds

16. Yeovil

17. Blackpool

18. Birmingham

19. Burnley

20. Barnsley

21. Sheff Wed


22. Bournemouth

23. Millwall

24. Huddersfield


Player of the year: Russell

Top goalscorer: Russell

Young player of the year: Hughes

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This prediction lark is easy innit?


the richest teams with the biggest budgets and parachute payments should finish above the poorer ones.











should take the top 8 positions if it is all down to money.......i'll have a fiver they don't though. 


Some of them have **** managers and even ****** owners so some will fook it up.


The beauty of football is that it is a team game. The team can sometimes be better than the individual components.


I predict Derby will finish top 6 due to the team spirit and individual brilliance of 3 or 4 players. Some teams will have better individuals and will still finish below us due to the sterling work done behind the scenes over the last few years.

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I think at the minute, to their relative expectations.


Barnsley - have made some strong signings, and look to have improved.

Birmingham - made some poor signings, look a bit down - people expecting little.

Blackburn - think a more settled manager will bring a sense of realism and release the pressure.

Blackpool - hard to see how they could possibly improve.

Bolton - made an early start in the market, strong intentions - good feeling.

Bournemouth - looking to consolidate, their fans are hoping for at best a lower mid-table finish.

Brighton - all new change, think they have the fixings in place to do well, however.

Burnley - if they can keep Austin, they're a mid-table side - they sell him, they will struggle.

Charlton - their fans, like ours must of been hoping for more improvement - Powell is a top manager though.

Derby - stability and lots of belief, we look like a different beast going into this season - people are aware. 

Doncaster - more noise about potential trillionaire owners that actual movement, improvement isn't so forth coming

Huddersfield - looking to build on last season, think Vaughan is a good signing but seems like he's expected to do too much.

Ipswich - don't understand why so many people expect them to do well - Mick Mac isn't THAT good.

Leeds - good defense, poor everywhere else for me - very poor last season scraped undeserved wins.

Leicester - a massive kick in the teeth, plenty of animosity around the club with financial fear hanging over them. good team though.

Middlesborogh - finished last season in an appalling state, christ alive! I think they'll struggle to build momentum.

Millwall - Lomas is working hard, looks good for me - still, a lot of work to do.

Forest - finished the season strong, their match winner and for the most part of the later season McGugan has gone and not been replaced. 

QPR - Think like Blackburn unless they're top there is going to be anger and fall-outs, difficult first season back I suspect.

Reading - think they're in a good position, and would be surprised if they didn't hit expectation.

Wednesday - Not much improvement, made to a not very good side.

Watford - I think they're good for a couple of rabbits in hats, Abdi and McGugan are great signings already made!

Wigan - A manager that is dining on his last promotion meal card, lasted longer than Phil Browns I guess.

Yeovil - they will play every game like it's a cup final I would imagine, great hunger to surprise - but, little budget to convince.


After all that, I will say...


1) Reading

2) Derby

3) Brighton

4) Bolton

5) Watford

6) Blackburn

7) Leicester

8) Queens Park Rangers

9) Nottingham Forest

10) Charlton

11) Wigan

12) Barnsley

13) Bournemouth

14) Millwall 

15) Huddersfield 

16) Ipswich Town

17) Burnley

18) Leeds United

19) Middlesborough

20) Wednesday

21) Birmingham

22) Yeovil Town

23) Doncaster

24) Blackpool 


I'll be absolutely way off and blackpool will win the play-offs and we'll be relegated with reading  -_-

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