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The Sudtribune, Dortmund. 12:12 protests across German Football Clubs.


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...As kick off approached the chanting got louder and louder, imagine the noise of Leeds United winning the Champions League at the same instant Millwall won the Premier League and England won the World Cup and you’d be somewhere close to a realistic comparison. The first name of each Dortmund player was bellowed by the stadium announcer, the surname roared back by everyone in the ground. As part of my research into the trip I had learned that every set of German fans was currently taking part in the 12:12 protest, proposed changes to the way supporters are treated met with an angry reaction. The plans include the kind of thing which English football fans have become familiar with, reduced away allocations, searches for supporters upon entering the grounds and games being moved for television. As a result of these proposals, the supporters of every club agreed to stay silent for the first 12 minutes and 12 seconds of every game...

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