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Hi all,

I have been meaning to join one of these forums, but just getting to grips with how to use the internet and e-mailing.

I have supported the rams for near on 50 yrs, but i am retired and live i Portugal now.

Hope Clough Jnr can take us forward and do what his dad did and put us on the world football map.


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Could'nt help but notice you are a bunch of philistines with very little culture on here.

As one who leans toward the written word as a work of art I feel inspired to educate you and introduce you to fine literature.

So, in the style of Wordsworth, I will treat you to the finest poetry that you will ever see on a football forum...........or not, as the case may be...

I wandered lonely as a cloud,

through cyberspace last week

My forum no more was allowed

due to references to Pete!

like all the rest I shed a tear

then looked for pastures new

DCFCfans have no fear

we're a decent little crew!

So thanks for taking waifs and strays-

I hope you won't be rough,

here's to decent posting days-

unless you slag off Clough!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:cool::)

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froggg been a derby fan since 1st clough arrived in the 60's. left the holy land in 85 moving around the country working in the nhs in mental health, before uni in oxford and moving in to management, now living the idilick lifestyle down in dorset and getting to the occaisional game...:D:D

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You need to understand Mental health to be a Derby fan Mr Froggatt.

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tell me about it ......nearly been sectioned twice, but worth all the fuss.....come on you rammmmmmmmmmmmmssssssssssssss:D

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hope you won't be analysing our posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????

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Frogg can assess and i can section :D

[sIZE=1]can we start with YR if he comes back[/sIZE]

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We've got our own Mental section on this forum. Free diagnosis.

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