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Premier League owners are close to agreeing a crackdown on players’ wages.


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[size=4]Premier League owners, including Roman Abramovich and the Glazer family, are close to agreeing a crackdown on players’ wages.

Talks have already taken place between all 20 top-flight clubs about introducing their own version of financial fairplay and a formal outline could be agreed later this month when Premier League chairmen meet in London on November 15.

There is a growing desire among the Premier League’s international owners to keep a big slice of what could be £5billion from the new television deals that start next year, rather than see it all go to players and their agents.

They are about to agree new rules on ‘wage restraint’, prohibiting clubs from increasing their wage bill by more than five per cent annually. Clubs spent £1.5bn on wages in 2010-11, 69 per cent of their income, and they had debts of £2.4bn, more than the amount they brought in.[/size]

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Thinking about it - there is clear logic to PL "investors" wanting to get some kind of return on their investment - after all, who invests money to make huge losses? Why should sport be any diffferent?

However, if PL clubs don't pay top dollar, clubs in Spain & Italy (& potentially Brazil/China/Russia) will - the talent will move there instead, which in turn might mean Sky (or other competitors) will pay less for the "product" - a potential problem for our aforementioned investors...

That all said, I hope a wage cap happens. The sport in this country is rapidly turning into a sick joke & ordinary players demanding £100,000 each week is a big part of that.

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Technically this doesn't cap the players, not from the bit that Networker has posted here outside of the article. The only thing it does mean is that the rising of players wages from now on will have to be minimal, a 5% rise will almost definitely happen over a season anyway unless you're constantly off-loading players to offset that. Not to mention wages rising each season due to contractual terms, which I presume would be a thing of the past in such a scenario.

So not so much players getting any less, just less players getting the big money all at once. Not so much capping wages as, as the article suggests, owners limiting the overrall budget they have to pay rising too quickly. Man City for example can still pay what they like and have the wage budget they have now, they just have to make sure they're letting go of any needless squad players if they want to bring in a player on £100k a week or whatever they offer.

This will at the very least though stop club debts spiralling out of control over just a few seasons though, so that's good.

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