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Honesty the best policy ?


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A man from Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, found £10,000 in a carrier bag beneath his work van, and handed it in to his local police station. However, for his honesty, HE ended up in court! I for one can not fathom out how the police came to the conclusion that he should be charged for being honest! Yet again another example of the criminal justice system going bananas .... vindicate the honest, law abiding members of society and let the real criminals carry on doing what they are doing.

The sickened good Samaritan barred from claiming £10,000 he found in the street last night vowed: “I wouldn’t even hand in a penny now.â€Â

Honest Stephen Reilly, 26, handed the massive cash sum to cops after he found it in a bag under his works van.

He was told he could keep the dosh if it went unclaimed for three months.But police chiefs referred the case to the Government who ruled he couldn’t have it as it is the proceeds of crime.

Stephen hired a lawyer to challenge the move but Ministers then hauled HIM to court yesterday in a counter-action and won their case.

If you found £10,000 would you hand it in to the police?

Last night Stephen, of Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, said: “This has taught me not to hand in money. I wouldn’t hand in a penny if I found one in the street.

“I no longer have any faith in the legal system. It seems to favour criminals rather than decent people.

“I should have been iven some sort of reward at least. I am gutted.â€Â

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No. If I found a mobile phone, Wallet, Keys or iPod I'd hand that in as someone genuine wants it back. However, if there is the goods from quite clearly something criminal I'm not letting them have it back. Plus, what will the Police do with it? Someone will eat that up.

I'd keep the £10,000; treat myself with £5,000 and put £5,000 into charity.

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