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  1. "would you be interested in investing in the club?" "I'm not that stupid" 😂😂😂 Great to hear him slating Morris.
  2. The fact the money from the stadium sale hasn't cleared the debts maybe shows haw bad the finances are.
  3. Gibson O'Neil holdings own Middlesbrough football club alongside other business's. It's commen practice used by many clubs and all withing rules and laws.
  4. MM dragged it out but not submitting finances. If they had been submitted, they would have been reviewed and actioned. But hey, blame everyone but the club and owners and Bury your head in the sand.
  5. Bending the rules slightly 😂😂😂😂
  6. Cheers. Well that's still a massive bill to be paid which administrators have to find money for.
  7. Because all Companies associated with the club and MM have entered administration, including the company that owns the ground.
  8. Yeah by trying to make sure owners don't run the clubs into the ground and the EFL act to protect clubs. What a **** as you put it. Ironically Derby could do with a chairman like him now. Compare Derby's last 35 years to Boro's (that's how long he has been there)
  9. Derby very rarely take a decent following to the Riverside so I don't think it will effect them too much.
  10. Are people for real. It's not down to Gibson, it's not down to the EFL..... Its down to Morris. Selling the ground to himself was the clear and obvious sign of how bad things were. Gibson also lodged complaints against villa and sheff wed so he has no vendetta against Derby. Morris tried to make it personal by offering to show the books to Gibson..... The books he wouldn't submit to the EFL. Morris has Destroyed Derby county and tarnished it's reputation and still people have fallen for his lies and blame others.
  11. It was my understanding that Morris cleared the outstanding Payment to HRMC hence it was removed from the charge sheet. Is this not the case?
  12. Not true. All football related debts still have to be paid in full. This includes outstanding transfer fees, fines (to EFL or HMRC if outstanding) ,player and coaching staff wages. Failure to be able to do this mean the club is insolvent and luquidation would follow.
  13. Any players with value and interest would be potentially have to be sold in Jan if still under control of the administrator.
  14. Derby are the ones that have dragged it out by not submitting the finances...... Now everybody knows why.
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