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  1. Slow down lads, we're far from seeing the club get dissolved
  2. Is there some sort of gradient between Derbyshire and Sheffield, where you can be in both Derbyshire and Sheffield? This is an honest question as Sheffield FC is actually in Derbyshire, whilst Derbyshire Arrows (the basketball club) is in Sheffield? Which may also explain why another Derbyshire basketball team (Spartans) was made?
  3. We're getting relegated aren't we. And when we do, all our good youngsters are going to be sold for an absolute snip. Sibley, Bird, Knight, Buchanan. We're going to be gutted. This is a bloody nightmare.
  4. Piss take that Rooney has to play if fit. When is his contract up?
  5. It would but I can see him replacing Shinnie. I'd bet that in his contract there is some stipulation saying he had to play X minutes for 32Bet to subsidize a percentage of his massive wages.
  6. Bird and Shinnie/Holmes next game. I do wonder if there is some sort of contractual obligation we have with either Rooney/Bet32 to have Rooney start a certain number of games.
  7. A plane just flew past overhead with a banner saying "Leed Utd Champions We R Going Up". Sad bar stewards 😂😂
  8. Doesn't even have a wiki page. Guess it's just a free signing with low risk and high potential
  9. Wikipedia says his contract runs out this year - that can't be accurate?
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