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  1. If you have a season ticket the club will not be able to sell on your seat. The ticket will be reserved for your use only for the whole season.
  2. Really looking forward to this game. Going to be a great atmosphere with the sell out.
  3. Could you ask for some local businesses to advertise on here? Even if on a monthly contract that might tied it over? Would mean more work with the income being from separate areas and advertising different people. Not sure how doabale that would be (I'm not very tech savvy!) ... suppose depends on the income needed as well.
  4. Going to need a lot more than just 1 of those tins!
  5. I think three match ban is harsh. I don't believe it to be deliberate, he was unbalanced. But in this day and age you also just can't do that. One match would of been enough though.
  6. Any name of a player. Just means they going to get slated
  7. I cant wait either will be so nice to be back at an away day! COYR
  8. Not to add more fuel to the fire... but roadrider is run by skills..... alfreton also use skills so whatever health and safety alfreton have agreed too I'm sure Derby could as well. So I would say its more a running issue for the club than than the actual bus company itself having a issue.
  9. This is my Rue out on our adventures 🙂
  10. Haha love Island fan here too! It's so bad it's good! Jake and libby are so not going to last!
  11. Oh he is so cute .... now off to find the pets thread I'm new on here too and also just want to add my voice to the rest to say you have nothing to apologise for and appreciate you trying to add our voices to the meeting. I have really enjoyed this forum since joining as well so thanks for running it and to all the moderators you do a cracking job!
  12. So I have a feeling we going to be that team this year that always draws so a going draw! 1 - 1 However I don't really care just so excited to get back to an away match!!!
  13. Not my branch I have no idea 🤣🤣 But looking at my branch, the pub that it says we go from has been shut 15years 🤣🤣 so it doesn't get updated very often but it doesn't really need to as same people tend to be running it.
  14. For anyone else that is interested there are more supporters groups as well as alfreton (although they are the only one that picks up at Pride Park) that run buses. There is a page on twitter thats run DCFCSC that can help and a page on dcfc with contact information http://www.ramsfans.co.uk/Branches.htm
  15. Is there any future plans to move away from having betting advertising? ..... Due to increase in people getting in debt through betting and effect on metal health and increased suicides from betting debt. Understand means needs other forms of advertising which i'm sure isn't exactly free flowing at moment but be nice to acknowledge the issue/ have a plan to move away from it in future.
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