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  1. Moist One

    Boycie’s Birthday Today

    Hope you’re having a great weekend @David you’re awesome for creating this thread. Oh yeah, happy thingy @Boycie
  2. Moist One

    Sonos Beam.

    was reading reviews about it for a while last night, cannot work out where to put it if I buy one. How have you disguised it?
  3. Moist One

    Sonos Beam.

    they offered me a deal on this, but I have a Sony Soundstage and couldn't determine if the Sky soundbox would be any better.
  4. Moist One

    Jack Marriott - a dud?

    someone must be after some attention...
  5. Moist One


    @David what is your opinion on Siri not being open to control things like Spotify? Short-sighted? or a cynical attempt to get folk to use Apple tunes?
  6. Saw this on twitter, name your 23-man Derby squad, from YOUR time as a Derby fan. You must have 3 GKs, and they can only be players that have played for Derby during your time as a fan, and the form they had at Derby counts, not how well they played elsewhere. This was mine:- 1 M.Poom 2 J.Laursen 3 C.Powell 4 S.Eranio 5 I.Stimac 6 M.Wright 7 A.Asanovic 8 R.Van Der Laan 9 D.Saunders 10 G.Kinkladze 11 T.McMinn 12 P.McGrath 13 S.Carson 14 D.Yates 15 I.Idiakez 16 B Davison 17 M.Forsyth 18 G.Barnes 19 S.Johnson 20 T.Johnson 21 M.Gabbiadini 22 P.Simpson 23 P.Shilton
  7. Moist One


    download a keyboard
  8. Moist One

    Derby world cup style squad

    Not in my opinion.
  9. Moist One

    Derby world cup style squad

    see number 9
  10. Moist One

    Derby world cup style squad

    didn't even think of half-season wonder Taribo West... might have snook him in
  11. Moist One

    If derby ever left pp

    wouldn't make sense. It's never been used for Baseball. As for building a new BBG, they wouldn't be allowed to build like that now!
  12. Moist One

    Bolton face Administration

    well, I remember Bolton not being very welcoming of Derby County in the Premier League, their fans distinctly being very disrespectful to our club as if they were some sort of big team/club. Now you'll very very rarely hear me say anything about clubs and their fans in a derogatory way, not even the likes of F*rest, but as far as I am concerned, their struggles are deserved. Eat some humble pie. The only thing I like about them is Phil Parkinson.
  13. Moist One

    Bolton face Administration

    apart from when they were in the PL, overspending by miles and trying to prevent relegation from the PL and promotion from the Championship
  14. Moist One

    Downtime this morning

    don't be precious mate. Make the doddering owd bugger feel welcome ffs!
  15. Moist One


    don't go @PistoldPete2 the forum will evolve again. It was just becoming too nasty before.
  16. Moist One

    FL Photoshop Challenge

    I take it I win (by default) then!
  17. Moist One

    Lifetime achievement award.

    I do my own ironing when approximately half of the adult world are women who could do it for me. I deserve an award for doing work on behalf of women everywhere.
  18. Moist One

    FL Photoshop Challenge

    He doesn't walk on water, he jogs on it.
  19. Moist One

    Post Your Kitchen Gadgets

    how much did you pay for it?
  20. Moist One

    Post Your Kitchen Gadgets

    ??? what is it? what does it do? how much does it cost? tell me more????
  21. Moist One


    also, just dawned on me, the vicar/priest (Mason) also has a cracking part in Seven Seconds, which is well worth a watch.
  22. Moist One


    it's a quality piece of television, mainly excellent characters and acting. One or Two characters are annoying me, in they may be far-fetched.
  23. Moist One


    I put @David onto Ozark. On Netflix:- In the last 12 months, I have watched:- Power. Sherlock, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Lockup, Dirk Gently, Safe, Seven Seconds, Person of Interest, Jessica Jones, Altered Carbon, Damnation, Dope, Marcella, Manhunt, Black Mirror, Godless, The Sinner, The Punisher, Mindhunter
  24. Moist One

    Reading suggestions

    on this recommendation, 2 of my favourite posters, I've just bought a 10 book set off ebay of Ian Rankin Rebus novels.
  25. Moist One

    Holiday Plans - 2018

    What plans have you got for next year? Budapest - lads weekend - January Spain - golfing holiday - Easter week Greece or Cyprus - World Cup break - June

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