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  1. I watched him perform this on Saturday night in a little boozer in Belper. He's a decent geezer to be honest, and whilst poetry isn't something I'd normally be up for, a couple of his poems were quite effective.
  2. I think one of the toughest feelings a proud man can have (I can only speak for myself) is that totally abject feeling of helplessness when witnessing someone you care about in pain. I've always got people who are going through painful times in my thoughts, it's part of the burden that pains me and contributes to my own mental issues. It may be a cliche Ryan, but being there for your missus is massive, so just carry on being a big firm shoulder for her.
  3. Moist One

    Phone Screen Time

    Entertainment? What? Do you watch Netflix etc on your iphone?
  4. I bought a few pair of jogging bottoms (trackies), mainly so I don't have to iron jeans to nip out to KFC! Not owned trackies since the early 90s.
  5. I went though exactly this end of November and into December. I was aware it was happening, and just needed the time to pass and things to fall into their place. I deleted all social media, logged out of everything, didn't speak to anyone. Turned my mobile off, and bizarrely bought some pencils, crayons, geometry stuff and a pad, and doodled nonsense with music on. Eventually, my mind switched back on. I cannot explain it right now. But I was literally not bothered about anyone except my mum and gran for about 3 weeks. I then felt guilt when I realised how worried people had been cos of me, but I was not apologetic. I was very teary though and couldn't express what I was going through. If you're going through similar, I can feel your pain. It makes no sense does it.
  6. Now 2-3 Aguero. Header from offside positions.
  7. it's now 2-2 after the ref made touching the ball with your toe a penalty-worthy offence.
  8. Moist One

    Watchable telly

    if you're looking for something entertaining and well made, give Patriot a go.
  9. this sadden me revel, not least because as meaningless as it is to you, you've been my favourite poster on this forum for a good few years now, and when I've been really low, many of your posts have made me smile. I can't answer for your issues, but awareness, as I am consistently convinced, is the start of a recovery. and alcohol is the fuel for lots of misery, especially if it's chemically enhanced lagers brewed in the UK (such as Stella). I imagine if you can sustain a couple of weeks off the drink, even if you're not a big drinker, and replace it with something rewarding, like cycling or jogging, or even reading a book or two, I would wager a massive swing in mentality. Again, I know things are easier said than done. I just hope that you can get yourself right before you do anything you cannot repair. If you need to vent, feel free to PM me mate. I know you probably won't, but the offer, and the respect is and always will be there pal.
  10. never ceases to amaze me how people cannot grasp such a basic concept as this question! Players- Ashley Cole, Darren Bent, Danny Mills (bleurghh), Tom Huddlestone, Joe Ledley, Robbie Savage and Kevin Kilbane all have pretty decent media profiles, and all broadcast abroad with BBC, BT and Sky. In sheer footballing terms, Mark Wright, Peter Shilton, Dean Saunders, Igor Stimac, George Kinkladze were pretty well known for on the pitch exploits.
  11. Moist One

    Ipad Pro 12.9

    7 hours and no comment from @David ? I'm shocked! Even more shocking is 7 hours and no mocking sarcasm from @Boycie !!!
  12. cannot agree with this, UNLESS this moron has previous form for it. You'll never stop someone with momentum from getting past a steward, in the same way you can never prevent a player jumping into the crowd.
  13. when a grown man goes into a cubicle and locks the door to do a stand up wee, when there are urinals free, and a shortage of cubicles for a dump.
  14. the only amusing thing is that he missed, badly. He had a running punch and wild swing and the only thing that knocked Grealish over was a forearm clothes-line! I find it funny that the bloke will hopefully get a six month jail sentence for assault, a massive fine for trespass and a ban from all football, including traipsing to the Police Station with his passport, all for nothing! ANDDDDDDDDDDDDD even funnier is that Grealish scored a winner. I would not have found it even one bit amusing had knuckles connected with face.
  15. I had this relationship with most sports. Can talk a great game, understand the tactics and the training, and the mentality, just was never physically adept enough, for one reason or another! In terms of mental issues, I think it takes a journey to get to the level of awareness it takes to actually realise you have something that needs looking at.
  16. Jack Daniels and Coke was my mixer of choice, until in Greece and it was too sticky in my throat in that heat. Vodka and Orange juice was my drink from 2003-2015 Vodka and Lemonade is probably my mixer of choice now.
  17. I disagree. If he'd faced the ball, and jumped up with his arm 40 degrees away from his torso, it's a pen, so why isn't it just cos he's got his back turned? If it was from a cross on the wing and his arm was that angle in any direction from his torso you'd expect a penalty. I heard them say that attempts to make yourself bigger will be punished.
  18. the best thing for Frank to do, if he's unhappy with self-fulfilling negativity, is to win every game in February.
  19. if you think Radio Derby coverage is dire, listen to some other local commentary of other teams. Having heard local commentary of other teams over the years, I think I'm quite grateful for what we've got. Whilst Ramage can be a bit daft, he's honest and quite sincere. Dawes struggles to keep his emotions in check, and both try to make the coverage personal to the listener by attempting to "banter" each other, which can be cringeworthy. I think we've been spoilt over the years, but Derby fans by a rule, are stupidly negative about commentators and pundits. Ross Fletcher was panned, ended up promoted Dean Sturridge was blamed for us being rubbish in the PL, he got promoted. Colin Bloomfield was slated for sounding camp ffs! Rest in Peace pal. I enjoyed McMinn and Rowett as pundits, totally hated Roger Davies' punditry. Ian Hall sounded dour, but by god he knew what he was talking about and I actually felt like I was learning by listening to him.
  20. Moist One

    RIP Keith Flint

    any confirmation on how he died? No need to answer now, just did a little research.... (edit) I've seen a comment linking it to mental health and suicide. But not seen any other mention. Like others of my generation, those mid-90s were my formative music years and Prodigy were a part of that. Got to admit I didn't keep up to date with anything they were doing in the last few years, but they were very important when I was 20!
  21. watched this last night. Very amusing.
  22. I do really worry about you Craig. I'm not sure you're in a positive environment. Easy for me to say based on what I read. Us humans are sociologically and biologically "social" creatures. Isolation affects me badly, even when I'm surrounded by people. I wonder if you're similar, but worse. My post was a tongue-in-cheek bit of dark humour. I struggle with times/events that are supposed to be where you're in a group of family/friends, and probably winter itself.
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