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  1. Moist One


    XF Sportbrake? Or F Pace?
  2. Moist One


    You're an Audi driver? This changes things.
  3. Moist One


    I thought my girl was bad rolling in foxshit on the park when she was alive.
  4. Moist One

    Number One when you were born?

    I'm always quite happy with mine as it's a song I don't mind.
  5. Moist One

    Let’s recommend podcasts

    It has some funny moments, starts a bit rusty, there was a controversial comment that Derby fans might not enjoy on the last one. It's got some genuine laugh out loud stuff. I listen on the commute to work. As for Rebus, yes, read Knots and Crosses last weekend, will start the second one on Saturday I reckon. I like to read in natural light.
  6. Moist One

    Derby taxis

    always use Albatross. Used Eagle for years when Mr Virk owned it, but not now.
  7. Moist One

    Let’s recommend podcasts

    I'm generally a playlist on Spotify man, but decided to listen to That Peter Crouch podcast.
  8. Moist One


    the original pic. Friday night game in Promotion season, v Luton, where we relegated them
  9. Moist One

    Golden state killer

    this kind of stuff intrigues me. Something so innocent as people willingly submitting their own DNA helps nail someone.
  10. Moist One

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    watched Top Dog on Netflix the other night, having read the book about 5-6 years ago. I didn't think it possible to be worse than the book, and watched out of some curious interest that "action" and acting would give some substance to a quite puerile story! How wrong I was! Absolutely abject. Stinking film. 1/10!
  11. Moist One


    I got LG OLED 2 years ago. Amazing TV
  12. Moist One


    @David why sky app? Ignore, already had it.
  13. Moist One

    Sonos Beam.

    got it, but went away and not really had the time to give it true judgement yet
  14. Moist One

    Weak Wingers

    I just think there's a lack of wingers in the modern game.

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