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  1. Moist One

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    got forced into accompanying her to watch A Star is Born last night. Hmmm, better than I expected, although there's a lot of singing in it, and I prefer dialogue. But it has some uplifting bits, some sad bits, but overall, it just highlights 2 things 1) Lady Gaga looks better "au naturelle", and 2) Bradley Cooper is a very talented man and can sing. Mason Mount/10
  2. Moist One

    Best TV Dramas

    just saw the trailer that plays by itself when you hover over it, thought instantly "nahhhh"
  3. Moist One


    Mate, he’s easily dognappable.
  4. Moist One


    am absolutely brimming with envy right now.
  5. Moist One

    DCFCFANS Fishing match

    Pool, Snooker or Golf? Maybe.
  6. Moist One

    Derby vs. Sam Rush

    yes, but the only unfair bit was the fact he wasn't given a fair trial (disciplinary hearings etc), not that he didn't deserve to lose his job
  7. Moist One

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Mother - watched this as part of the UHD Halloween selection in SkyQ. What a bizarre film. I couldn't for the life of me, work out what was going on or what would happen. Literally lay there last night trying to figure out what the hell had just happened. Worth a watch. Away point at Middlesbro/10
  8. Moist One


    Hmmm... Hate to break it to you, well, two things really. 1, either you're colour blind or your camera is faulty 2, the breeder has ripped you off. This doggy is black. Good news however, he looks like a good boy and his very handsome.
  9. Moist One

    Derby vs. Sam Rush

    I don't see any mention of liability or apology, pretty sure that if this was in SR's favour, there would be an official apology from the club for damage to reputation etc.....
  10. Moist One

    Litter around derby/derbyshire + Utch's "Sofa watch"

    This thread gives me so much joy. I can’t even explain why it’s so amusing 🤣
  11. Moist One


    Looks like a lovely dog Rynny. I’d pet her. How old is she and how is she being left alone?
  12. Moist One


    I’d pay if you turn it into a comedy Hitler tache
  13. Moist One

    FIFA say no, play in your own country

    Swansea, Cardiff and Monaco all belong to an FA. If the Spanish team decided to leave La Liga and join MLS, then it's no problem.
  14. Moist One

    opinions please

    tenuous.. 😄
  15. Moist One


    I did it in 2011, and couldn't cultivate facial hair. People were asking for the donations back!

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