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  1. I agree in principle, but in general, I think they (those attempting to eradicate it) are not going about it in the right way. Making it criminal and shameful is just going to make people hide it better, there will still be racism lurking under the surface. It is all about education. I can be open enough to admit that as a kid (about 5 or 6 years old), I was encouraged by laughing family to dance around with a tea cosy on my head saying "bud bud ding ding". I knew no better at that age. Nearly 40 years later, I have thankfully evolved, but if I sat back and thought about all the racial/racist things I've said in my life, I'd want to crawl under a rock! If you ask me if I was racist (then and now), I'd say I wasn't, it was not from hatred, but more from immature ignorance. My taunts to asian and black kids at school was never designed to cause hurt, but I wasn't aware of what could actually cause hurt. In the years since school, as I matured and my world expanded beyond the square mile where I lived and went to school, my attitude and understanding, not just of the world, but of myself, developed and I realised I am humanist. I still criticise people, but their race and colour does not fuel any opinion. I'm kind of like "if you're a c*nt, you're a c*nt, regardless of your background/colour/religion/ethnicity". So, as I digress a little, this is all about education and nurturing. There was a clip of some young cockney kids in the back of a car (labelled as Millwall fans), and we are talking similar age to my tea cosy days, being encouraged to sing racist songs. This is where it needs addressing. What you're going to get is kids going to school and integrating with all aspects of society and culture, then going home to be corrupted by ignorant parents. The conflict is huge. These kids will be hiding their feelings from home at school and from school at home.
  2. I actually have a feeling we will get Tomori again. Mount will go to a PL club on loan. Wilson will be a fringe player until January at Liverpool and then go on loan to a bottom PL club or challenging CH club
  3. I actually remember looking on this site years back, and there was a list of loads of old footage that was waiting to be converted and uploaded. Well done for finding.
  4. I think you should have your own section for these ( @David )
  5. we need to get promoted. Getting promoted = no punishment
  6. volleyball in back garden and accidentally hitting it... bingo
  7. trying a pickled (in beer) Cheese in Prague trying a strip-club in Budapest. (Basically paid £125 for 2 swigs of Heineken and an argument!)
  8. there's word it was more of a fight than an assault. There is also an accusation that the Barnsley manager called Barton a "scally", but I doubt he'd know what one was!
  9. 35 people who are probably scratching their heads wondering why we don't have the mental capacity to clinch that promotion for yet another season.
  10. Moist One

    Watchable telly

    Powerful genius, younger prodigy, influential adversaries, legal jingoism, people handing each other files!, people seemingly able to find anything out about everyone, shady deals, people falling out and betrayal but then working together to betray someone else later on, breakaway businesses etc.
  11. Moist One

    Watchable telly

    Watching Billions and almost caught up. Watchable, but made using same formula as Madmen, Suits and probably House of Cards.
  12. slightly wrong, Medi Abalimba was a Derby player who pretended to be a Chelsea player and ran up a hotel bill or bar bill in that player's name (Gael Kakuta). I think it was Kakuta that was signed for money by Chelsea. Abalimba was a nobody. Although reading a story on line, it does say we paid that much for him!
  13. you said I was blaming immigration and quoted immigrants contribution to the GDP I believe, although I cannot be arsed to go back and check, you basically twisted my comment and reacted as if I was making a different point completely, and if I made it read that it was only immigrants claiming benefits, then I wrote it wrong. One point was all the benefit claiming immigrants don't settle anywhere else in EU and end up here, a separate point was that people have cashed in on rent and house prices.
  14. Think you’ve totally missed the context. Please read again
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