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  1. Moist One


    found a new tutorial video which showed me to find something in Task Manager which prevented it running Setup. Having a look now.
  2. Moist One


    yeah, I managed to download it once, played a game, but couldn't save it. Left it a while and tried again on a different laptop and struggled to get it to open.
  3. Moist One


    how/what platform are you playing it? Laptop? Did you use the free download?
  4. Moist One


    I think Steve Elliott is pretty good in that game
  5. Moist One


    that game is legendary, but I could never get it to run on my laptop (the free to download version). I can remember all the legends, my most loyal player being Steve Torpey (AMLC) who was consistent 8/10 even if his attributes didn't suggest he would be that good. I think Ben May, Matt Blinkhorn, Justin Georcelin, Chivu, Mike Duff, Alan Smith, Defoe, Saviola, Julio Arca, Joe Cole... all dominated the league. With Robbie Earle as my assistant manager, playing 3-4-1-2.
  6. Moist One


    he's certainly a handsome boy. I've watched with interest as I remember you being unsure of dogs. I would suggest dogs make humans better, and am heartened by your growing love for Jax. Whilst I'm envious, I know Jax is in a good home, the adoption site on the other hand actually hurts my heart.
  7. Moist One


    what did you show me that for? I'd adopt all the dogs if I could, but I cannot have even one at the moment, am out of the house for too long.
  8. Moist One


    on @David you card. This especially makes me laugh on a popular dating app where a single lady professes her love for cocktails and gets filtered to ****tails lol
  9. I wouldn't be devastated. Another manager doing the same things and making the same errors as the last 5.
  10. If I’ve not already mentioned it, watch PATRIOT on Prime.
  11. good effort at the end, but overall, I've got too many negatives from that. Not enough success in 50:50 challenges. Poor decisions and execution of pass. Too many attempts at Hollywood 1-2s when a simple pass was on. Non-existent midfield. Very slow.
  12. Sparta and Slavia mainly. As they the games on when there.
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