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  1. Earthquake In Aegean

    I'm in Faliraki right now but didn't arrive until Saturday evening and missed any tremors. Lots of very very pretty Italians here at moment. Not flooded with Brits.
  2. Derby County Tattoos

    my mate Ricky's is on there Didn't send mine in, but have posted it here in Hazza's thread a couple of years back.
  3. Jackson Irvine

    Bravo Sir, absolutely bravo. I've been biting to post similar recently, but it just seemed pointless. There seems to be a disease amongst Derby fans, although not all, but many vocal fans, where they cannot accept the level the team is and what level those players within the team should be. I can understand someone writing off a player here or there, after all, I do it with Keogh and Shackell, but to talk as if they are the worst we've ever seen is just bizarrely strange!
  4. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    been loving your goading of that red dog on twitter @Derby_EnglandLoyal
  5. Which teams do you dislike and why?

    as good a reason as any! My mate hates scousers cos once at work he borrowed his nail clippers to a scouser and when he walked in to the communal room, said scouser was trimming his toe nails!!
  6. Football writers predict promotion

    I don't see Boro kicking into gear until the new year and by then could be miles behind whoever the leaders are.
  7. Tom Lawrence

    has he signed yet?!
  8. Spotify playlists: Have you created one?

    interesting how many of these are on mine.
  9. My attempt at being @Bris Vegas

    stick at it Ronnie. You'll take pleasure in writing. I spent a few years, writing under a different name, and found my own personal style of writing progressing massively. The thing is, it has helped me generally! I am now really good at writing letters and emails and communication documents at work. The content will always be subjective (unless factual), so enjoy expanding your style. As for the article, there are a few things I would constructively point out, like inconsistency on adding the pound sign on figures being quoted, and starting new paragraphs, with the name of the player instead of 'he', but they are just my style and don't really matter. I would however insert a few more commas to break up the sentences. Good luck with it mate. Keep posting links.
  10. Depression, anxiety, stress and other related issues

    sad news today that the lead singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, at age 41, took his own life. Whilst I don't consider myself a fan of them as a whole, I was proper into a couple of their songs, but that is by-the-by. I hope all those that have contributed, and those that haven't felt comfortable enough to yet post on this thread are doing well mentally. Remember, it's okay and normal to have feelings that go against what you're supposed to feel. Please talk to someone, anyone, even if it hurts! It's gonna hurt you a lot less to open up, than it would hurt your loved ones if you made a decision as drastic as Chester Bennington has. I'll put this here, my (cyber) friend drew it, he's a cartoonist:-
  11. Linekers salary

    for all of his smugness and affiliation with Leicester, Lineker is a very good presenter. I think as a world we should be more concerned with those we don't ever hear about skimming their money off the top of everything. The ones pulling the financial strings and creating all the corrupt insurance rises and recessions etc, not a bloke cracking crap jokes.
  12. Jon Toral

    sadly it doesn't work that way. They have a deal already. It's not down to the player to find a new deal, it's down to the club to find a buyer, or pay off the player.
  13. Spotify playlists: Have you created one?

    I had a listen to this for a couple of hours whilst ironing my holiday clothes. Quite a chilled vibe. Wasn't happy with some of the Marvin Gaye sampling in one of the songs, but hey ho. Might listen again on the drive to the airport.
  14. Which teams do you dislike and why?

    I've just realised I hate both Glasgow teams.
  15. Jon Toral

    Apply that logic to:- Clement & Blackman Imagine if Rowett bought Shotton back to Derby?!?!!?!? How would you feel?

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