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  1. From a Rangers fan, that's what you would expect due to lack of pace being his obvious weakness, but the many goals he has cost them haven't had anything to do with pace, just incompetence. He's had calamitous performances against everyone from Sparta Prague to St Mirren. It's anyone's guess how he carved out a career for himself in the EPL.
  2. Thanks for the responses anyway guys. I'm predicting Derby stay up on the final day with Edmundson scoring a late winner.
  3. He is one the fastest centre backs I've seen. Maybe he hasn't shown it yet at Derby. For what it's worth, the role of religion in the rivalry and hatred up here is massively overblown by the media. Rangers fans have nothing against catholics, most of our players are catholics.
  4. Rangers fans don't like him much, he was acting the hard man squaring up to people during a friendly game last season.
  5. I could have told you Waghorn was overrated. Certainly raised an eyebrow when I heard the fee mentioned at the time.
  6. I think the covid breach at Rangers means you could get a bargain, I could see us selling him for a low fee with a high sell-on. He has the potential to be a multi-million pound player but that will only be realised by making himself a regular.
  7. He would be fighting for 3rd choice, but the fact we signed Simpson and Balogun was given an extension does suggest George will be leaving. Yes the fee was in that region. I'd be disappointed if we didn't make a profit on that because I could see him being worth good money if he nailed down a starting position in the Championship as he is only 23.
  8. It's a strong position, we only play two CBs and Goldson and Helander are very good and both 28. Only reason he is on loan is the covid breach though.
  9. That's very similar to how I would summarise him. His passing and touch is very good for a centre back. Haha. Well he did his bit in when he stepped in in a 1-0 away win at Braga last season which took us to the last 16. I hope he returns, though he is a bit unproven in terms of proper defending, but I don't think it looks likely.
  10. I guarantee you the Rangers forum is worse for getting player names wrong.
  11. Just watched those, he could have been stronger at both, mainly the first though.
  12. No he's under contract at Rangers till 2023, transmarkt will show 2021 because that's his loan deal. He was loaned out due to a COVID breach that could have cost us and Gerrard took very seriously. Jordan Jones was loaned to Sunderland for the same reason. Neither were in any matchday squads after the breach. It will be interesting to see if they will be forgiven but there's a good chance Gerrard wants them moved on.
  13. Rangers fan here, sorry to see you guys are struggling at the moment and I hope you can turn it around. I just joined forum to ask how George Edmundson is doing? I think he is a good player who was very unlucky with us. He is very fast and very good on the ball, both of which are unusual for a centre back. I didn't see enough of him in terms of his general defensive play though, probably because we play in a terrible league.
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