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  1. Whilst still playing with the Rams probably...
  2. Leaving the way clear for Rooney's triumphal return to Everton... We can dream! Leaving the opportunity for the Rams to pick up Zidane
  3. So I can evaluate, what letter is this poll referencing?
  4. More like 5000 pounds per head down plus a commitment for a further annual 1500 per head. Find 15000 fans who are prepared to do this and it's a possibility. Oh yes and then buy your season tickets on top.... Plan's a good un
  5. Dont forget the 25 pence in the pound on any season ticket refunds yet to be made......
  6. Roos 5 Byrne 6 Forsyth -1 Edmondson 7 Clarke 7 Roberts 7 Knight 5 Shinnie 8 Lawrence 6 Waghorn 8 CKR 5
  7. The £ 4000 down payment for the share isn't really the problem though, is it? Its the extra £ 1-2,000 annual call for more capital to cover the operating losses and provide a bit of a transfer kitty that would hurt more!
  8. I recall seeing somewhere that he had ceased to bean agent as part of the "takeover". This could explain why its website was down when I last looked
  9. I think you need to look into the structure more deeply. Sure there are intra group loans between various companies, but for the whole thing to work, they do NOT extinguish themselves. One company somewhere in the pile will have the asset of ground and liability to another controlled company (Gellaw 204 IIRC)
  10. Furthermore the price will depend on the ESL breakaway plans which couldn't have come at a worse time for Mel. At the time of negotiating the price we were moving away from relegation and there was a premiership pot of gold as a lure. Now we are heading to League One and the reward at the end of the premiership rainbow has suddenly been slashed in terms of TV money and sponsorship/merchandising money heading off elsewhere. The amount due to be paid must surely have fallen (if such a clause exists) and so Mel would probably get less for DCFC. In many ways the "deflation" impact on the English football structure will be positive as transfer fees and wage expectations will fall, but the transition for the remaining PL teams that are invested to a higher reward level will be painful. At the end of the day, if it goes forward, english football may be in a better place (although without masses of overseas high grade talent) - a more level playing field. But the transition will be painful as clubs will be worth less, have less non spectator income yet still have highly paid players on the tails of contracts. It will be most painful for those selling clubs during this interregnum.
  11. I imagine they will wait and see - if we escape relegation by less than 6 points they will seek to impose the points deduction (if they win the appeal) this season and thus relegate us. If we escape by more than 6 they will impose a points deduction in 21-22 as that way would hurt more; equally if we are in the relegation places already by the end of the season they will hold the penalty over so we start at minus 6 in the lower division. Alternatively they may just wait to see the positions after 46 games and apply however many points are need to relegate us Or am I being too pessimistic here
  12. Fair point but on that basis let's not speculate about possible relegation? Where's the fun in that - would be a very quiet board!!
  13. I'd suggest not, but if you can, I think I will secure my mortgage on your house??? Assuming the ground is not included in the sale, the security over it will have t be redeemed and the new owner provide suitable new security, or pay off the loan.
  14. Yep because you couldn't secure Jack poo against the club itself now it doesn't own any substantial assets aside from the capitalised value of player contracts
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